Best Technical Writer Cover Letter Example and Format 

Updated on December 22nd, 2021

As a technical writer, it’s crucial to showcase your writing skills and your knowledge wherever possible. Therefore, your skills and abilities should reflect on your resume and your cover letter when you’re applying for a job. Having a great technical writer cover letter can easily qualify you for a technical writer position, even if you don’t have a strong portfolio. 

However, writing a technical writer cover letter isn’t as simple as writing a cover letter for any other job. You have to showcase your writing skills and showcase your knowledge on the subject matter at the same time. 

Therefore, it’s important to have the right inspiration when you’re writing a technical writer cover letter. 

In this article, we’ll go over the right technical writer cover letter format, along with some examples you can take inspiration from. 

Let’s get started. 

Technical Writer Cover Letter Format 

Writing an excellent technical writer cover letter is crucial in your job search and job application. It can be the single thing that gets you that job interview. While hiring managers won’t know much about technical writing, the next person in line that checks out your resume and cover letter will. 

Ideally, you should develop a professional resume and cover letter that targets both the hiring managers and technical employees. 

However, writing a great technical writer cover letter will always start with the right format. The format of your cover letter is as important as its contents. That’s because the recruiter will only look at the format, and once they green light you, only then will the contents of your cover letter matter. 

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Therefore, it’s crucial to get the format of your technical writer cover letter right. The following sections will delve into each part of the cover letter, along with what you should be writing in those fields. 

Section One – Starting the Cover Letter 

The start of any cover letter remains the same for the most part. You have to write your name, contact information, email, and the date. 

The order of writing all of that matters and is just as important. You should start your cover letter in the following order. 

  1. Your Full Name – It should be the same on your technical writer resume, LinkedIn profile, and any certificate. 
  2. Phone Number – It’s best to include your cellphone number, along with the proper codes. 
  3. Email – Always use your professional email and if you don’t have one, consider making it before applying to jobs. 
  4. The Date – Always write the date that you’re sending the cover letter on and not the date you wrote it on. 
  5. Introductory Salute – This is where you write ‘Dear Mr. XYZ’ or something similar to it. It’s best to stick with what works traditionally. 

Make sure all of the personal data is on the left side of the cover letter. Furthermore, make sure there’s more line spacing between each line than typical paragraph line spacing. 

Section Two – Body 

The body should be divided into three main sections, similar to any other cover letter. The first introduction paragraph should mention what position you’re applying for and why. A small personal introduction can be given, along with a one-liner about your work experience and skill set. 

The second paragraph should go into detail about your work experience, writing experience, and more. You should write about any major technical writing project that you worked on, any milestones you achieved, and how you helped the company. If you’ve had multiple technical writer jobs, mention one achievement from each of the jobs. You should also mention what industries you’ve worked in, such as in computer science, HTML, writing services, or any other. 

Including any other writing experience, such as content writing and copywriting, can be also be included. 

After that, you should consider talking about your strong suits, such as writing user manuals or white papers. Consider mentioning any additional technical skills you may have, such as working with WordPress sites. It’s best to mention your writing skills and communication skills and give an example of where you’ve applied each skill. 

The last paragraph includes any gratitude you may want to show, along with positive expectations. It helps to include one line at the end to sell yourself. 

End the technical writer cover letter by signing off with your name. 

Technical Writer Cover Letter Samples 

Even if you understand the complete technical writer cover letter format, it’s still advisable to take a look at some samples. In fact, it would help if you used a technical writer cover letter template to develop your cover letter. 

Using a technical writer cover letter example, you can develop an accurate cover letter according to your industry and the organization you’re applying to. While ideally, you should look at previous cover letter examples used by other candidates in the company, most of the time, you might not find them. Therefore, it’s best to look at some general technical writer cover letter samples. 

Getting online help in developing your cover letter would only take a few more minutes but will make your cover letter a lot better. Similarly, you can also check out technical writer resume samples to develop a fitting resume, along with the cover letter. 

In any case, the following sites offer some of the best technical writer cover letter samples and templates you can use. 

1. Indeed 

Indeed is a complete job search engine that also offers information on jobs, job search advice, resume samples, and cover letter samples. 

You can find resume and cover letter samples for practically any job you want. If you search for technical writer cover letter samples, you’ll find a fully formatted cover letter sample. You’ll also find some cover letter tips that you can use to strengthen your cover letter. 

Furthermore, you can take a look at related cover letters to get a better idea of how you can develop your cover letter. 

You can find Indeed’s technical writer cover letter sample here

2. LiveCareer 

LiveCareer is a website that’s dedicated to offering career advice, resources, and more. The site offers a range of resume and cover letter samples and templates for several jobs in various industries. 

You can find several technical writer cover letter examples on the site; however, more importantly, you instantly customize the sample in the site’s cover letter builder. You can change the formatting, fonts, and text to suit your needs. 

Furthermore, you can also enlist the help of cover letter experts, where they will help you create your cover letter. 

You can find LiveCareer’s technical writer cover letter sample here

3. JobHero 

JobHero is a dedicated job advice website that offers several resources to help you develop your career, find the right job and more. You can find several resumes and cover letter samples for various jobs in different industries. 

The site provides a complete technical writer cover letter template that you can use. They also offer technical writer resume samples, a guide on writing your cover letter, and tips on becoming a great technical writer. 

You can directly create your cover letter in their cover letter builder. You can either use the template shown or browse through other options. JobHero also provides some technical writer cover letters that have been successful for other people in the past for inspiration. 

You can check out JobHero’s technical writer cover sample here

Writing the Ideal Technical Writer Cover Letter 

You don’t need to do tons of coursework to be able to develop a good cover letter. All it takes is the right inspiration and resources. You just need to tell about your path to becoming a great technical writer in a compelling way and explain how that will help you to contribute to the company's success. Furthermore, it’s best to get done with your cover letter at your earliest convenience so you can make any necessary edits later. 

In any case, you should stay concise and sell yourself in a few meaningful sentences. It’s best to make it abundantly clear how excited you are for the job and why working at that organization is a personal goal for you. 

Furthermore, it’s best to reference some exceptional or recent qualifications, such as any technical writer certifications or courses you’ve completed. 

Most companies are looking for cover letters that focus on what the candidate can bring to the company rather than the candidate themselves. Therefore, it’s best to talk about what you can do for the company by offering some success stories. 

In the end, always make sure you customize and tailor each technical writer cover letter for the industry and organization you’re applying in. 


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