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Technical Writer HQ Offers Live Technical Writing Courses

Founded in 2018, Technical Writer HQ is world recognized in technical writing training with a community of over one 2000 technical writing professionals.

Our certificates are the most industry-recognized credentials by employers hiring technical writers.

All of our instructors are real-world technical writing leaders having worked at top Silicon Valley companies including Spotify, Wells Fargo, Product Manager HQ, and LinkedIn.

Hands-On Learning With the Same Tools the Pros Use

Technical writing students get free access to the very same technical writing tools that leading TWs use on the job everyday.

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What You Will Learn On Your
Technical Writing Certification Course

Technical Writing Course

Learn From Top Technical Writing Leads - Here's What You'll Learn in Our Live, Hands-On Courses

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Section 1: Defining Technical Writing
Product Development Lifecycle & Success Metrics
User Personas & Use Cases
Section 2: How Technical Writing Fits into Scum
Industry Disruption Model & Value Chain Assessment
Customer Development & Customer Journey Mapping
Section 3: Adopting Learning Objectives
Quantitative & Qualitative User Research
Product-Market Fit Framework
Section 4: Define Your Product
Writing & Using Product Requirement Documents (PRD)
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) & Product Roadmapping
Section 5: Design Thinking & Development
User Flows/Wireframes/Prototypes, Design Sprint & Agile Methodologies: Scrum & Kanban
Sprint Planning, Cross-functional Communications with Engineering, Design & Business
Section 6: Product Marketing & Strategy
APIs & Integrations and Team Management
Go-to-Market Strategy & Customer Acquisition Channels
Section 7: Product Launch & Iteration
Customer Messaging & Customer Insights
Agile Retrospectives & Iteration
Section 8: Product Growth & Landing a Product Management Job
Product Growth & Job Search Strategies
Resume Review, Mock Interviews & Final Presentation

Technical Writing Certification Course Reviews

Christian Quiles
Christian Quiles
Technical Writer
"Thank you for taking the time to review my work and for the constructive feedback, really appreciate it. And thank you for this great course, I will be referencing it often for sure. "
teena merlin
Teena Merlan
Technical Writer
“I wanted to let you know I signed an offer for my first official technical writing job yesterday!Thanks for your wonderful class and great resources. ”
Hired at
Mak Keller
Mak Keller
Process Engineer
I started the Technical Writer HQ course in early July with the goal of becoming an engineering technical writer or an engineering manager. The lectures and assignments gave me a lot of skills that I can take with me regardless of where my career path leads!
Emily Martolini
Emily Martolini
Technical Writer
"The videos are informative and the homework makes sure you put the theory into practice. The most valuable part in my opinion is the capstone project. The detailed feedback was invaluable."
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