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Technical Writer HQ Training

On-demand, expert-led video courses

You'll have the map you need to get a great grant writing job, even if you’ve never written anything. Industry veteran? This course will still level-up your grant writing skills.

Cutting-edge topics

Stay up to date with the latest grant writing skills, software, and job search strategies. You'll learn the strategies, communication skills, and grant writing skills required for one of the fastest-growing job in technology industries.

Segment your learning with tracks

Each of our programs is designed in one-day sections. Feel free to finish the grant writing sections in the order that helps you get complete the course.

Interactive learning

Our courses have quizzes and homework and challenges to ensure you practice what you learn—because the best way to become a better grant writer is to simulate work assignments you'd get on the job.

Your Grant Writing course will help you:

Adopt an appropriate toolkit of grant writing skills
Write extremely high-quality grant proposals for clients
Win grant contracts and impress funders with your proposals
Land a great grant writing job and clients
Help you understand your worth in the market
"I started the program with little knowledge about grant writing and the industry; however, I quickly grasped all the fundamentals and understood everything I need to know to excel as a grant writer. This program really is a one-in-all opportunity to learn everything about grant writing and become an excellent grant writer."
Reginald M.
Grant Writer Certification Graduate 2021
Our Members Come From:

Grant Writing Certification Reviews

  • Julius B.

    Content Editor

    "The Grant Writing Certification Course is a super helpful resource for those looking to learn more about grant writing. It teaches you how to get involved in the world of grant writing, including how to perfect your grant proposals and win grants. If you're wondering where your next step should be in this field, then definitely check it out."

  • Matt M.

    Professional Grant Writer

    "I am a grant writer and I often need help with writing copy for my proposals. This course helped me understand grant writing in more depth and provided strategies to make my proposals stand out from the crowd based on grants that have been awarded recently. The course was easy to follow, well written, and really informative."

  • Ashley K.

    Professional Technical Writer

    "My experience with their grant writing course helped me become a better grant writer. The course is game-changing and I recommend it to anyone who needs help writing grant proposals."


About Our instructors

Josh Fechter  is the founder of Technical Writer HQ and Squibler, a writing software that helps grant writers create proposals. He is considered one of the top product marketing influencers in the world by Product School and one of the top technical writers. He has been writing software tutorials, manuals, grant proposals, and white papers for over eight years. His technical writing has been read by over 200 million people. He has written several books about software and another book about copywriting for personal brands. His work has been praised by LinkedIn's and Facebook's engineering team, Reuters, Inc., and Forbes.
Obaid Khan is a partner at Technical Writer HQ. He is one of the leading professionals in the grant writing field. With more than eight years of experience in technical writing for technology companies, he has worked at renowned companies such as Lumen5, Design Pickle, and more. Obaid is the founder of Planet Content, an award-winning agency focused on technical writing.

F .A .Q.

What is Technical Writer HQ?

Technical Writer HQ is the leading community for technical writers of all background. The training platform offers grant writing training courses to professionals looking to become better technical writers. Technical Writer HQ is a learning center for grant writing through its blog content, reports, and newsletters. The platform also offers a One Week Grant Writing Course which has many great testimonials on how its helped technical writers grow their careers. Participants come from all backgrounds including product managers, engineers, and founders. The technical writing community ownership has been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Inc, and Reuters.

What are grant writing certification courses?

Grant writing certification courses are training material intended to help you become a better grant writer for writing grant proposals. They provide you video training, text documents, homework, quizzes, and guidance to level-up your grant writing game. Grant writers are expected to keep up on current trends within their field and stay updated regarding new funding opportunities which has made many people who hold certifications more competitive when applying for jobs or looking for grants they may be qualified to apply for. Certificates show employers how committed employees are willing to maintain professionalism and skillsets related to their position at all times, so this can encourage some organizations offer generous benefits such as flexible hours or paid time off because of their level of trust in your skill level.

What is the One Week Grant Writer Certification Course?

One Week Grant Writer by Technical Writing HQ is a certification course that takes candidates through the basics of effective documentation writing for industries including software, medical, industrial, and general business. It is one of the leading resources for technical writer training. Throughout this 7-day online course, candidates will learn how to develop the writing skills to effectively communicate with funders, grant writing team members, target audiences for informing research, and more. In short, this course will teach you what it takes to become a grant writing professional and how to be successful in a grant writing career.

What is the average yearly salary of a grant writer?

For top companies, the average yearly salary of a technical writer is $60,000 The actual grant writing professional salary may differ from the average estimate above, based on factors such as the specific salary package at a company, the candidate’s level of experience, and their academic qualifications. Grant writing professionals with grant writing course experience such as One Week Grant Writer usually have a greater chance to reach or exceed the national average salary.

Who is the One Week Grant Writer Certification course meant for?

The Grant Writing Certification course is ideal for people who want to pursue grant writing as a career, but it is also a good idea for people who are considering applying for grants. Certification training can help you understand the process and requirements of how to write grant proposals which will give you an advantage when you apply for grants because they'll be able to better demonstrate their knowledge in that area. It's also important if someone wants to have new skills or improve on existing ones so they may find more opportunities within the field of grant writing. The course is also for you if: ⚬ You can dedicate two to three hours daily for a week. ⚬ You have some background in writing (e.g. copywriting, proofreading) and are looking to expand into grant writing. ⚬ You are currently a writer looking to break into a grant writing role with a great salary or landing clients. ⚬ You want to explore a grant writer role and need an introductory course on the subject. ⚬ You are starting out in grant writing and need a jump start with your technical writer expertise.

What is the eligibility criteria to take the Grant Writer Certification Course?

There are no prerequisites to apply for the Grant Writer Certification Course. You don’t need a grant writing background to take the courses either. Having a background in writing will help you better understand the course material; however, we still encourage those who are new to writing, to still apply. With that said, you should have an interest in grant writing and non-profit work.

How and where can I show my course completion?

Once you complete the course, you will receive a digital badge that you can download and print out. You can also apply the e-documents to your social media channels or put them up on your personal website.

How can my managers and recruiting staff verify my course completion?

Each course completion comes with a unique URL that you can provide to whomever it may concern. This URL will redirect to a Grant Writing source where the interested parties can verify your status.

How do you become a certified grant writer?

To become a certified grant writer you need to take one or more grant writing certifications. One of the most popular courses is called One Week Grant Writer Certification. This course teaches you about how to write grants and also has a section on funding that will help make your career in grant writing even better.

How do grant writers use grants?

It's important to note that a grant is an award or donation given by one party (such as government) to another for a specific purpose specified in the document authorizing the grant. Grant-making organizations are usually non-profit and charitable organizations such as foundations.