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Certified UX Writer

The UX Writing Certification Course comprises everything you need to know to start a successful career in the field. You'll learn how to excel on the job with microscopy, content design, and even creating conversation chatbots. Moreover, you'll finish the course with a strong portfolio that includes instructor-reviewed examples, an instructor-reviewed resume, and the confidence to lead UX projects at your company.


Online Self-paced

study 4 hours/week to finish in 10 weeks



2 months to obtain your certificate


10 Capstone Projects

60+ video lessons + assignments + quizzes

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Advance your career by leveling up your knowledge with one of the most in-demand skills, UX writing. The Certified UX Writer certification course enables you to develop the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to lead UX writing-related projects and make an impact on your company's bottom line.

On-demand, expert-led video training

You'll have the map you need to get a great UX writing job, even if you’ve never written any copy. Industry veteran? This training will still level up your UX writing skills with instructor feedback and new frameworks from other experienced pros.

Cutting-edge topics

Stay up to date with the latest UX writing skills, software, and job search strategies. You'll learn the strategies, communication skills, and UX writing skills required for one of the fastest-growing jobs in technology industries.

Segment your learning with tracks

Each of our sections is designed with bitesize modules and exercises for easier comprehension. Feel free to finish the sections in the order that helps you get complete the training.

Interactive learning

Our training has quizzes, capstone projects, and challenges to ensure you practice what you learn—because the best way to become a better UX writer is to still simulate work assignments you'd get on the job.

Data-driven business Impact

Master core UX writing principles, analysis, and leadership skills needed to analyze and interpret any copy or content design, and learn how to write microcopy with clarity.

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What is the duration of the UX writing certificate porgram?

The duration of the UX writing certificate program is anywhere from one month to two months. If you spend a half-hour every day on the course, then you can complete the course in less than two months. The wait is well worth it as we spend numerous hours giving students feedback on their capstone project to improve. That way you leave this course as a great UX writer.


+ - Why should I enroll?

The UX writing professional is one of the most in-demand careers according to career studies. Many UX writers make over 6-figures doing what they love – writing using design principles. This certification course is a great way to prepare yourself for the future and position yourself favorably in the tech world for many years to come. As a Certified UX Writer, you’ll have the confidence to lead UX projects in your company and add tremendous strategic value.

+ - Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to apply for the Certified UX Writer course. The course doesn’t focus on the basics of writing and grammar as much compared to the Certified Technical Writer course. If you’re interested in honing your punctuation and grammar skills as well, then we highly suggest you take the Technical Writing Certification course before this one. You also don’t need a UX writer or technical background to take the course either. Having a background in writing will help you better understand the course material; however, we still encourage those who are new to writing, to still apply.

+ - What is Technical Writer HQ?

Technical Writer HQ is the leading community for technical writers of all backgrounds including UX writing, proposal writing, and grant writing. The training platform offers technical writing training courses to professionals looking to become better technical writers. Moreover, it’s a knowledge base for technical writers looking to continuously level up their game. The technical writing community ownership has been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Inc, and Reuters.

+ - What are UX writing training courses?

UX writing training courses are instructor-led material intended to help you become a better UX writer. They provide you with video training, diagrams, PDF documents, homework, quizzes, capstone projects, community, and instructor feedback to level up your UX writing knowledge and application ability.

The course specifically at Technical Writer HQ focuses not just on theory, but on the day-to-day of a UX writer’s job in today’s technological world. There’s a significant focus on new user research methods, the latest design principles, usability knowledge, and the most up-to-date frameworks for organizing and executing great UX copy.

+ - What is TWHQ's Certified UX Writer training?

Certified UX Writer training by Technical Writing HQ is a course that takes candidates through the basics of effective microscopy writing, content style guide creation, conversation design, content testing and revision, and how to land a great UX writer job. Moreover, you’ll receive clear knowledge and frameworks of how to push UX projects over the goal line to achieve success within your company.

+ - What is the average yearly salary of a technical writer?

The average yearly salary of a UX writer is $119,531. The actual technical writing professional salary may differ from the average estimate above, based on factors such as the specific salary package at a company, the candidate’s level of experience, and their academic qualifications. For example, a UX content strategist makes an average of $131,624/year. UX writing professionals with experience such as TWHQ’s Certified UX Writer training usually have a greater chance to reach or exceed the national average salary.

+ - Who is Technical Writer HQ's training meant for?

TWHQ’s Certified UX Writer training is a practical training course that’s designed to benefit UX writers looking to take their writing career and skills to the next level. The course is for you if:

⚬ You can dedicate two to three hours daily for a month or a half-hour for two months.
⚬ You have some background in writing (e.g. copywriting, proofreading) and are looking to expand into UX writing.
⚬ You are currently a writer looking to break into a UX role with a great salary.
⚬ You want to explore a UX writer role and need an introductory course on the subject.
⚬ You are starting out in UX writing and need a jump start with your UX writing expertise.

Technical Writer HQ is a great community to join to not only become a better UX writer but also have tons of helpful resources from templates to help you become a successful career as a UX writer.

+ - How and where can I show my certification course completion?

Once you complete the course, you will receive a digital badge that you can download and print out. You can also apply the e-documents to your social media channels like LinkedIn or put them up on your personal website.

+ - How can managers and recruiting staff verify my course completion?

Each course completion comes with a unique URL that you can provide to whomever it may concern. This URL will redirect to Technical Writer HQ’s website where the interested parties can verify your status.

jon stewart
Jon Stewart
Freelance Technical Writer
"Thanks for the great course! I enjoyed the content, and you've really got me excited to pursue a career in tech writing."
Erma H. Stovall
Erma H. Stovall
Commercial Lines Quality Analyst
"Thanks for guiding me towards the right path. I am so lucky to work with someone who inspires me every day."
The Hanover Insurance Group
the hanover
Daniel Siuba
Daniel Siuba
"Her feedback was fantastic - it was clear, helpful, thorough, and supportive. I'm grateful for her help."
Danielle Glants
Danielle Glants
Medical Writer and Editor
"The examples included have been immensely helpful thus far."
TotalNeuroCare P.C.
TotalNeuroCare P.C.

Certified UX Writer



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