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Find all the instructions you need to get a technical writing job in tech, even if you’ve never written anything. Not a beginner? This certification will still level-up your product game.

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Stay up to date with your skills. Learn the strategies, communication skills, and technical writing skills required for one of the most in-demand careers in tech.

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Each of our programs is designed in sections. Feel free to complete the sections in the order that best fits your specific learning needs.

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Our courses have quizzes and challenges to keep you engaged—because the best way to learn is by practicing.

Types of Technical Writing Certifications

Tracks offer guided pathways to becoming a great technical writer. Learn skills to bolster a particular job role, or simply add a new strategic understanding to your arsenal—the sky’s the limit with TWHQ's Tracks.

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Your technical writing certification will help you:

Build your skillset in technical writing
Build your technical writer network
Craft a a great technical writer resume and online presence
Ace the technical writer interview
Create a successful job search strategy

“​I took Josh’s course, did the capstone project, and became certified in August. I’ve recently been offered a job as a Technical Writer for Amazon at $150k per year! I used my capstone project when they asked me for writing samples.”​

Henry F
Henry Fuse
Technical Writer Graduate

Technical Writer Graduate

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Our community members hail from over 600+ of the world’s best startups and companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, Snapchat, Airbnb, and Pinterest.
Christian Quiles
Christian Quiles
Technical Writer
"Thank you for taking the time to review my work and for the constructive feedback, really appreciate it. And thank you for this great course, I will be referencing it often for sure. "
teena merlin
Teena Merlan
Technical Writer
“I wanted to let you know I signed an offer for my first official technical writing job yesterday!Thanks for your wonderful class and great resources. ”
Got hired at
Mak Keller
Mak Keller
Process Engineer
I started the Technical Writer HQ course in early July with the goal of becoming an engineering technical writer or an engineering manager. The lectures and assignments gave me a lot of skills that I can take with me regardless of where my career path leads!
Emily Martolini
Emily Martolini
UX Writer
"The videos are informative and the homework makes sure you put the theory into practice. The most valuable part in my opinion is the capstone project. The detailed feedback was invaluable."
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What is Technical Writer HQ?
Technical Writer HQ is the leading community of technical writers that offers fundamental technical writing training courses and programs online to candidates from around the world. It is one of the world’s top technical writing communities and hosts the TWHQ's Technical Writing Certification Course. TWHQ's Technical Writing Certification Course teaches candidates the core writing fundamentals and turns them into skilled writing professionals. The technical writing community ownership has been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Inc, and Reuters. Technical Writer HQ’s major sponsors include Almanac, Squibler, and more.
What are technical writing certifications?
Technical writing certifications are credentials given to candidates who successfully complete a technical writing course with the knowledge of what technical writing is, the prime principles and practices of technical writing, and their implementation. Unfortunately, there was a clear lack of bona fide technical writing certification for technical writers, especially when it came to providing vocational training on how to operate as a modern technical writer. To address this issue, Technical Writer HQ features Technical Writing Certification Courses which provides all the theoretical TW knowledge, while also teaching how to create process docs, user manuals, write API documentation, how to implement important writing techniques, and much more. In the past, there was a clear lack of courses within the technical writing landscape, especially in terms of providing valuable vocational training and teaching candidates the techniques of the trade. To address this knowledge shortfall, Technical Writer HQ created Technical Writing Certification training courses. These courses have theoretical and practical modules that focus on developing fundamental technical writing skills in candidates while preparing them for a TW career.
What are TWHQ's Technical Writing Certifications?
TWHQ's Technical Writing Certifications are courses that take candidates through the basics of effective documentation writing for industries including software, nonprofits, medical, industrial, and general business. It is one of the leading resources for technical writer training. Throughout these online courses, candidates will learn how to become technical communicators to effectively communicate with product managers, project managers, and developers, while also overseeing a team of technical writers within their company. In short, this course will teach you what it takes to become a TW professional and how to be successful in a technical writing career.
What is the average yearly salary of a technical writer?
For top companies, the average yearly salary of a technical writer is $100,000. The actual technical writing professional salary may differ from the average estimate above, based on factors such as the specific salary package at a company, the candidate’s level of experience, and their academic qualifications. Technical writing professionals with technical writing course experience and certifications such as TWHQ's Technical Writing Certification usually have a greater chance to reach or exceed the national average salary.
Who is the TWHQ's Technical Writing online courses certification meant for?
TWHQ's Technical Writing Certifications are practical training courses designed to benefit anyone looking for an ultimate crash course in technical writing. The courses are for you if: ⚬ You can dedicate up to an hour daily for a month. ⚬ You have some background in writing and are looking to expand into technical writing. ⚬ You are currently a writer looking to settle into a technical writer role. ⚬ You want to explore a technical writer role and need an introductory course on the subject. ⚬ You are starting out in technical writing and want to develop some technical writer expertise. Technical Writer HQ is the perfect community to join to not only become a better technical writer but also have tons of helpful resources to assist you on the way to a successful career as a technical writer.
What is the eligibility criteria to take the technical writer courses?
There are no prerequisites to apply for the TWHQ's Technical Writing Certifications. You don’t need a technical writer or technical background to take the courses either. Some understanding of the subject, or elementary experience in the writing field, is recommended. However, it is not mandatory and candidates completely new to the subject are encouraged to apply.
How and where can I show my course completion?
Once you complete the course, you will receive a digital badge that you can download and print out. You can also apply the e-documents to your social media channels or put them up on your website.
How can my managers and recruiting staff verify my course completion?
Each course completion comes with a unique URL that you can provide to whoever it may concern. This URL will redirect to a Technical Writer HQ source where the concerned parties can verify your status.
What is a certified technical writer?
A certified technical writer is a professional writer who has a certification in technical writing through a recognized certification program. Certification validates technical writing skills and expertise. You can obtain such certification through Technical Writer HQ courses.
How long does it take to become a technical writer?
The time to become a technical writer depends on educational background, experience, and the desired level of expertise. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in technical communication takes around four years. If you have writing experience, you can master technical writing sooner through courses.