About this job

Location options: Remote
Job type: Contract


documentation, blockchain, distributed-computing, security, rust

Job description

The team

SimpleStaking is developing a new Tezos node shell and other solutions for the Tezos community. We are a team of experts with extensive experience in system design, information security and blockchain technology. Our work combines cutting-edge cryptography, P2P technology and decentralized consensus architectures.

Our work

Currently, we are developing the TezEdge node, a new node shell for Tezos. In addition to our main project, we also develop tools for blockchain developers, such as the TezEdge Node Explorer. We regularly post articles about Tezos, step-by-step guides and detailed explanations of the inner workings of Tezos.

The position

We are looking for a technical writer who will help us draft and publish articles about Tezos and the TezEdge node, in addition to practical ‘how to’ guides and various entries in our project documentation. We emphasize that we are in need of the technical aspect of writing, meaning that you will need to have an understanding of blockchain and, ideally, a background in coding. You will be working closely with our senior tech writer, who will oversee your work, provide feedback and help polish your texts in terms of readability. From time to time, you will be asked to either call or meet one of our developers in order to draft new articles, guides or project updates.

To get an idea of what you will be writing, you can check out some of our previous articles on our Medium and the TezEdge documentation.

Your duties will include
• Helping demystify the Tezos blockchain for a broader audience.
• Contributing to the growing number of guides, articles and progress updates about the TezEdge node.
• Communicating and consulting our developers on their work.
• Reading through the code (particularly the comments) that will be written by our developers.

• A high level of written English.
• Prior experience (2 years+), either as a tech writer or as a code developer.
• An excellent understanding of either blockchain, distributed computing or security.
• An ability to explain complex concepts in an engaging and simple manner.
• An active interest in coding and a willingness to research new concepts.
• Experience in handling content strategy.
• Punctuality in meeting deadlines.

Not required, but nice to have:
• At least some experience with programming languages (C++, Rust, OCaml, Haskell).
• Knowledge of the Tezos blockchain