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What Does an Amazon Technical Writer Do?

An Amazon technical writer creates content that informs customers about Amazon services. The content you write as a technical writer at Amazon isn’t for marketing. Instead of creating content that sells, you create content that informs customers.

It’s easy to understand how to use Amazon on the surface. Users create an account and list a product they want to sell or buy. But it’s far more complex once the customer gets into the service’s specifics.  Is it possible to target specific buyers? Can you set a selling time limit or set up an auction?

Amazon Technical Writer Responsibilities

Amazon is constantly developing. The company needs capable technical writers to convey the latest changes to the public.

As Amazon technical writer, you don’t create informative copies purely for people using e-commerce features. Depending on your job position and ranking, you’ll have different responsibilities, and positions have different salaries. 

That’s why you always need to research the requirements a company such as Amazon has.

Technical Writer Jobs at Amazon

Amazon is an international company with several services and projects and has different job positions in several locations. Some tech writer positions are remote, some offer more flexibility, and some are diverse. 

The job title usually comes with different responsibilities, required skills, and compensation. Here are some of the possible Amazon technical writer jobs.

General Technical Writer

As a general technical writer, you should be comfortable with implementing repeatable processes. Since e-commerce is a fast-paced industry, Amazon strives to standardize and automate its work. Besides writing, you should also have experience editing content. This also ties to managing projects with strict deadlines.

Requirements for the job position are:

  • Experience with CMS (content management system).
  • Experience using HTML and XML.
  • Either a bachelor’s degree or past work experience.

Proposal Technical Writer

Another job position inside Amazon is proposal technical writer. Besides meeting the exact requirements, you also need solid experience writing proposals and working with graphic tools such as Adobe Illustrator. The minimum requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Five or more years of proposal writing.
  • Two or more years of working with graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or similar graphics applications.

As a proposal technical writer, you’ll work more with account executives and partner development managers since your primary audience will be potential partners.  This doesn’t necessarily mean companies, since it can also be potential sellers looking to sell products on Amazon.

Exam Technical Writer

A somewhat unique position inside Amazon is exam technical writer. This position requires IT knowledge since you’re in charge of creating and editing AWS (Amazon Web Services) certification exams.

AWS certifications help IT professionals to prove their cloud expertise, so exams must maintain quality. Besides checking and reviewing exams, you’re responsible for updating exams to meet the latest standards.

The requirement for the job position is Bachelor’s degree in English, communication, or a related field. If you don’t have one, the alternatives are 3 or more years of technical content editing, editing exams, and managing different projects.

Responsibilities as an exam technical writer are performing quality checks, working with editors on standardizing internal processes, managing schedules, providing insights, and staying updated on technical writing changes.

Senior Technical Writer

To apply for the senior position, you should have eight years of professional experience and a portfolio to prove that. Besides stellar writing and editing capabilities, you also need to possess management skills. As a content team manager, you need to ensure that technical copies are informative, clear, and concise.

A senior tech writer spends more time managing writing, editing, designing, and distribution than writing yourself. You act both as a support and manager to the delegated team. Besides ensuring top quality, you will also track key performance metrics that help you fine-tune the process.

Senior technical writers work with writers, product developers, and editors to create a consistent terminology and content system for AWS.

Although a senior technical writer doesn’t need to be an expert in web services, SEO, or web analytics, the job is much easier with basic understanding.

At Technical Writer HQ, we cover how to mast all of these roles to get a job at Amazon in our technical writing courses.

Technical Writing Certifications

Average Amazon Technical Writer Salary

Since Amazon has offices worldwide, the pay and benefits depend on the location and position. For example, a technical writer in London might earn less or more than a technical writer in Washington.

According to Comparably, the estimated technical writer base salary at Amazon is $156,043 per year and ranges from $86,128 to $163,000. The pay includes an average bonus of $42,000 per year.

Remember that the estimated compensation and bonus consider different technical writer jobs inside Amazon and the job location. But considering that the average technical writer compensation in the US is $84,944, Amazon can be a step up in many technical writers’ careers. Additionally, since there aren’t many similar size companies globally, it can be an opportunity to gain experience working in a high-profile firm.

Amazon aims to be an equal opportunity employer for all job seekers. The compensation is the same regardless of employee national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Amazon Employee Benefits

According to Indeed, employees review Amazon benefits at 3.5 out of 5 stars. Although they might differ according to the job location, some general work benefits are.

  • Medical – Choice of multiple plans, including prescription drugs, emergency care, mental health, etc.
  • Dental – Amazon offers basic ($1,500) and advanced ($2,000) dental care plans.
  • Infertility –  infertility coverage.
  • 401(k) Plan – Several retirement savings and investing options.
  • Paid Time Off – The number of days depends heavily on the job title and location.
  • Pregnancy & Parental Leave – Up to four weeks of paid leave before giving birth and ten weeks of paid vacation after giving birth.

Final Note

Working as an Amazon technical writer can be the right step in your technical writing career if you’re looking for a new job. With the above-average compensation, bonus, learning opportunities, and a diverse and inclusive workplace, there’s a lot to learn inside Amazon.

Depending on the job title you’re pursuing, you might need extra education to qualify for the job position inside the company.  If you want to land a job but don’t feel you have the necessary experience, a great alternative is to take technical writing courses. 

Not only will this make you more ready for Amazon, but in other similar size companies as well.


Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers about technical writing.

What does a technical writer do?

Technical writers create product/service copies to inform customers and company team members about the given product or service. Technical writers need great writing skills and understanding of the given product since they need to turn complex technical terms into simple, easy-to-understand copies.

Is a technical writer a good career?

All companies need informed customers because the sooner they learn how to use the product, the more likely they are to pay. This is especially true in the SaaS, where customers often start as free users. Although technical writers don’t write to sell a product, they play a role in creating a relationship between the customer and the company, making them vital for creating revenue.

What makes a good technical writer?

A good technical writer can turn complex technical jargon into understandable content using as few words as possible. Although every copy requires a follow-up, a great tech writer delivers work on time and respects deadlines.


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