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12 Best Websites to Hire a Technical Writer in 2024

The demand for talented technical writers is experiencing an unprecedented surge. Companies require professionals who simplify complex technical information and make it accessible to the target audience. But where do you find such experts? How do you ensure that you’re hiring the best technical writers for your project? This guide sheds light on the leading platforms to hire a technical writer and gives an insight into their pros, cons, features, and pricing.

Best Websites to Hire a Technical Writer

Technical writing isn’t merely about crafting user manuals or product descriptions. It’s an art that intertwines creative writing with in-depth technical understanding. A talented technical writer translates intricate technical documentation into comprehensible and user-friendly content. When you aim to hire a technical writer, you’re seeking someone with the finesse to convert complex technical information into a language your audience can resonate with.

1. Technical Writer HQ

Technical Writer HQ’s hiring board specializes in connecting technical writing professionals and those needing their services. Unlike general freelance job boards, it offers a laser focus on technical writing, ensuring clients can tap into a curated talent pool. 

However, it won’t offer the wide variety of freelancers you can find on more general platforms. But if you need a technical writer, it’s a place to search for one.


  • Each job posting is free and remains active for 30 days
  • Only lists technical writing jobs
  • A single job post can attract technical writers from all locations
  • A User-friendly interface allows for posting a job within 30 seconds
  • Use by some of the leading technical writing companies


No service fees for job postings. The client and the writer decide on pricing, with no additional fees charged by the platform.

2. WriterHire

WriterHire stands as an exceptional platform for hiring skilled technical writers, distinguishing itself with a specialized focus on technical documentation and content creation. This platform is an invaluable resource for businesses and individuals who require writers with the unique ability to simplify complex technical concepts into user-friendly content. Whether the need is for detailed user manuals, comprehensive product descriptions, or sophisticated technical guides, WriterHire offers a wide array of professionals proficient in various aspects of technical writing.

What sets WriterHire apart is its commitment to connecting clients with technical writers who possess not just the technical know-how, but also the finesse to effectively communicate complex information. This ensures that the technical content produced is not only accurate but also accessible to the intended audience. WriterHire’s platform is intuitively designed to facilitate smooth interactions between clients and writers, making the process of finding the right technical writer efficient and straightforward. With its rigorous vetting process, WriterHire guarantees that each writer is not only adept in technical writing but also aligns with the specific requirements and goals of your project.


  • Specialized focus on technical writing and documentation
  • Access to a wide range of experienced technical writers
  • Intuitive platform for easy interaction and project management
  • Rigorous vetting process to ensure quality and expertise


Customized pricing model based on the specific project needs, offering flexibility and value for clients.

3. Upwork

Upwork stands out for its vast pool of freelance technical writers, offering flexibility in terms of budget and expertise. The platform’s robust management tools make tracking progress and communicating with freelancers easier. Furthermore, its review system lets employers vet potential hires based on past performance.

However, the vastness of Upwork can also be its downside. Filtering through numerous profiles to find technical writers can be time-consuming. Plus, the platform charges additional fees, which can add up over time.


  • Comprehensive search filters
  • Built-in collaboration tools
  • Escrow payment protection


Dependent on the freelancer’s rate with an additional service fee.

4. Toptal

Toptal is renowned for its rigorous screening process, ensuring only the top 3% of professionals, including technical writers, make it through. This guarantees high-quality output. Additionally, with its emphasis on understanding client requirements, matches are often more tailored, reducing the time spent onboarding and explaining project specifics.

The exclusivity of Toptal can mean higher pricing. It might not be suitable for startups or businesses with tight budgets. Furthermore, the pool, while elite, is limited compared to more extensive platforms.


  • A rigorous 5-step screening process
  • Dedicated team for matching client requirements
  • No-risk trial period


Premium rates due to the elite talent pool, with pricing available upon consultation.

5. Freelancer

Freelancer provides a competitive environment where technical writers bid for projects, ranging from budding enthusiasts to senior technical writers. This dynamic often leads businesses and individuals to access professionals with strong writing skills, ensuring that complex projects provide excellent results. With a reputation for affordability, it’s not just the cost-effective rates that appeal to users but also the vast pool of talent, guaranteeing a diverse range of technical writers to delve into. Among these are subject matter experts who bring a wealth of knowledge, perfect for projects demanding in-depth technical expertise.

However, every silver lining has a cloud. While the platform radiates opportunities, its bidding system, at times, can be a double-edged sword. By prioritizing lower prices, it creates a scenario where quality might take a backseat. This makes careful vetting paramount.


  • Milestone payment system
  • User reviews and ratings
  • Real-time chat system


It varies based on bids and the project’s scope, with a nominal platform fee added.

6. Indeed

Indeed stands out as a prominent job board, casting its net wide to capture a diverse audience. From individuals just kick-starting their careers to senior technical writers with years of experience, Indeed is a hub for professionals of all grades. Many established professionals, especially those in computer science, flock to Indeed seeking full-time roles, enhancing its reputation as a go-to platform for high-quality technical writer jobs. The outcome is a rich, experienced talent pool clients can tap into for their needs.

However, the platform isn’t without its quirks. Tailored for full-time roles, businesses looking for freelance technical writers might invest extra effort in sifting through the numerous listings. This inherent design does put Indeed at a slight disadvantage when stacked against platforms explicitly designed for freelance engagements. A notable shortfall is the absence of specialized tools, which dedicated freelance platforms proudly flaunt, making the hiring process on Indeed a bit more hands-on.


  • Resume storage
  • Company reviews
  • Job alerts tailored to search parameters


Free for job seekers; employers may incur charges for premium listings.

7. LinkedIn

Beyond being a professional networking behemoth, LinkedIn has evolved into a fertile ground for scouting talent. The platform gives an insightful peek into the endorsements and recommendations of potential hires, including those eyeing technical writer jobs. LinkedIn’s extensive professional profiles can be a goldmine if you’re searching for a technical content writer adept at simplifying intricate subjects or a senior technical writer skilled in crafting comprehensive technical reports. The networking feature of the platform not only fosters an organic connection but also paves the way for more sustained and long-term collaborations.

However, while LinkedIn shines as a networking maestro, it somewhat falters when offering specialized tools for hiring and managing freelance engagements. The platform is more of a gateway, a starting point. Once you pinpoint the talent, the onus of vetting, striking negotiations, and orchestrating project management shifts outside the platform’s purview, demanding a more hands-on approach from the employers.


  • Professional networking
  • Endorsements and recommendations
  • Job postings with company insights


Varies based on services, with premium features for recruiters available at added costs.

8. ProBlogger Job Board

Distinguished in the digital domain for championing quality content creation, ProBlogger is a go-to hub for those in the writing fraternity. Over the years, the platform has become a magnet for a particular niche of writers – those with prowess in academic writing, resume writing, and of course, blogging. Recognizing the caliber of talent here, companies flock to ProBlogger, ensuring a more targeted approach when hiring a freelance writer. The fact that businesses invest in posting job listings adds a layer of credibility, signaling a tangible seriousness in the listings and, more often than not, culminating in superior-quality assignments.

Yet, every platform has its Achilles’ heel. ProBlogger’s excellence in blogging and content creation roles is its strength and limitation. While ensuring quality, the platform’s niche focus might result in a constrained pool when hunting for specialized technical writers with expertise in project development and exemplary communication skills. Additionally, when juxtaposed with its peers, ProBlogger does lag a tad, primarily due to the lack of sophisticated tools that other platforms flaunt, making certain aspects of the hiring process more manual.


  • Curated job listings
  • Specific focus on content roles
  • Reputable brand in content creation circles


A fixed fee for job listings, with no intermediary fees for transactions.

9. WriterAccess

WriterAccess offers a tiered system that categorizes writers based on their expertise and technical backgrounds. This makes it easier to hire technical writers. The platform also provides content planning and strategy tools, which are beneficial for comprehensive projects. Beyond just connecting clients with writers, the platform elevates its offerings by giving tools adept at content planning and strategy.

However, WriterAccess, despite its many merits, isn’t devoid of limitations. Its primary focus on the U.S. market does raise eyebrows for those envisioning a global outreach. This geographical concentration might inadvertently restrict the diverse talent pool available in the vast expanse of the worldwide writing community. The premium pricing, while reflective of the platform’s quality, might be a deterrent for some, especially those operating on tighter budgets.


  • Tiered writer classification
  • Content strategy tools
  • Collaboration and feedback tools


Based on the tier of the writer, with premium rates for top-tier talent.

10. TechWhirl

TechWhirl emerges as more than just a job board. It’s a thriving community curated exclusively for technical communicators and those pursuing technical writer jobs. What sets TechWhirl apart is its unwavering commitment to fostering a talent pool where every individual, from a budding writer to a senior technical writer, shares an innate passion for technical writing. Beyond the conventional hiring functions, the platform further distinguishes itself by offering a rich repository of resources and interactive forums, adding layers of value to its user base.

However, every rose has its thorns. TechWhirl’s strength in maintaining a niche community while ensuring quality can be a limitation. With a concentrated focus, the volume of available writers, especially when businesses rush to hire technical writers, might not match the vast expanse found on more generalized platforms. Additionally, in an age where digital aesthetics matter, some businesses might find TechWhirl’s interface slightly trailing in the modernity race, especially when benchmarked against its contemporaries.


  • Community-driven platform
  • Resources and forums for technical writing
  • Targeted job listings


Listing fees for employers, with additional options for premium listings.

11. STC’s Job Bank

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) stands tall as a beacon for those vested in the art and science of technical writing. It isn’t merely a platform but a distinguished professional association that beckons those with a deep understanding of technical communication. Through its meticulously curated job bank, STC assures high-quality listings, drawing in professionals who aren’t just seeking a job but are committed to mastering their craft. Whether you’re searching for an experienced writer to craft intricate training materials or one with a proven ability to handle multiple projects concurrently, STC is a promising starting point. The pedigree of candidates often reflects their seasoned experience, making the hiring process a rewarding endeavor.

However, while STC’s niche stature is its crowning glory, this very specificity might sometimes act as a double-edged sword. The concentration on a particular domain, although guaranteeing quality, might occasionally pale compared to the vast spectrum of writers available on more expansive platforms. Moreover, with its primary gaze fixed on the U.S. market, STC could be restrictive to companies casting their nets for global talent, making it challenging for businesses with a global vision.


  • Association-backed platform
  • Professional development resources
  • Networking opportunities


Employers pay a fee to post jobs, with STC members often getting discounts or benefits.

12. Simply Hired

Simply Hired aggregates job listings from a myriad of sources, painting a panoramic view of the universe of technical writing roles available. With each job description meticulously detailed, it’s a goldmine for those looking to understand the nuances of various positions, from technical content crafting to more niche roles in content marketing. The platform’s intuitive, user-friendly interface enhances the hiring experience, and features like salary comparisons are invaluable tools for candidates and human resources teams. This informed approach ensures that comparative data backs up hiring decisions.

Yet, like all platforms, Simply Hired has its set of challenges. Its strength in offering a broad spectrum of job listings becomes a weakness when employers search for a razor-sharp focus on technical writing. The extensive range might necessitate more rigorous filtering and vetting on the part of employers, demanding an added layer of due diligence. Furthermore, the very essence of its aggregated nature can occasionally backfire. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon listings that have outlived their relevance or find themselves duplicated, making the task of sieving through them a tad more tedious.


  • Job aggregation from various sources
  • Salary estimation tools
  • User-friendly search filters


Free for job seekers. Employers may have variable costs based on the job promotion features used.

How to Choose the Best Website to Hire a Technical Writer

Navigating the sea of platforms to find the ideal technical writer can be daunting. Here’s what you should consider. Technical writing spans various genres – from user manuals to technical documentation. Identify your specific needs before diving into your search. The credibility of a platform speaks volumes. Platforms with high-quality reviews and successful project outcomes tend to house the most talented technical writers. Balance is key. Don’t compromise on quality for the price, but ensure you’re not overspending. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Looking to hire a technical writer? Here are the most common questions about hiring freelance technical writers.

What is the primary role of a technical writer?

A technical writer’s foremost responsibility is to simplify and translate complex technical information into coherent content that a wider audience can understand. Their repertoire typically includes everything from user manuals to intricate technical documentation. The essence of technical writing is to transform intricate technical documents into more digestible content. A skilled technical content writer not only presents facts but ensures they’re accessible and comprehensible.

How do technical writing and creative writing differ?

At the heart of both these writing forms lies a strong command over language. However, while technical writing focuses on delivering clarity and distilling complex information into understandable terms, creative writing is all about weaving stories, evoking emotions, and building imaginative narratives. The objective of a technical writer is different from someone focusing on narrative prose.

Why is project management crucial when working with a freelance technical writer?

When you bring a freelance technical writer on board, it’s paramount to have robust project management. It’s this very management that ensures a smooth workflow, from timely content delivery to maintaining clear lines of communication. Ensuring that the writer adheres to specified guidelines is also crucial. Effective management essentially acts as the backbone, elevating the odds of the project’s success.

Can AI tools ever replace the role of technical writers?

While the advent of AI has ushered in an array of tools that can aid and simplify several writing-related tasks, the human element in technical writing remains irreplaceable. The nuance, understanding, and human touch in translating intricate technical data for a specified target audience are aspects AI might find challenging to emulate entirely. However, AI tools, such as those integrated into platforms like Squibler, can undeniably enhance and streamline the writing process for technical content writers.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder of Technical Writer HQ and Squibler, a writing software. He had his first job in technical writing for a video editing software company in 2014. Since then, he has written several books on software documentation, personal branding, and computer hacking. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.