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What is the UX Writer Career Path?

UX writing is a fast-paced field full of exciting turns and twists with a successful career path. Perhaps you’re here because you’re a fresh graduate looking to dive straight into UX writing. Or maybe you are transitioning from a completely different role to UX writing. We have got a well-researched article for you on the career path of a UX writer.

As user experience jumped in since the last decade, several opportunities have been created ever since then. UX writing is not a sole position, the career trajectory varies from a junior UX writer, UX researcher to senior UX professionals and writers. If you’re interested in learning more about the career path via video, then watch below. Otherwise, skip ahead.

UX writing is a great career choice. It has been noticed an increase in the demand for UX writers since the invention of UX design. Working in Content says that, currently LinkedIn promotes 1000+ job posts for UX writers only for the UK region. The rate will be much higher for the US region according to our estimate.

Let’s have a look at each of the possible UX careers and their specialties.

What is UX Writer Career Path?

UX writing is a specialized field of technical writing. A user experience writer is familiar with UX designers, research specialists, and content strategist skills.  Normally, UX writing career path looks like this:

  1. User Experience Writer
  2. UX Research Writer
  3. Junior UX Writer
  4. Senior UX Writer
  5. UX Writing Specialist
  6. UX Writing Manager

Let’s dive deeper into the job descriptions and work responsibilities of the mentioned job roles.

1. User Experience Writer

A user experience writer writes copy for a digital product keeping the importance of user experience in mind. Here’s the job description for a user experience writer:

Job Details

A UX writer writes copy for digital services and apps. UX writers also collaborate with partners like UX designers, researchers, product managers, and engineers. Collaboration leads to a productive outcome, as the content is composed considering all user’s aspects in mind.

Job Responsibilities

A User experience writer is responsible for these duties:

  1. Writes the content for the user interface that helps in user navigation.
  2. Composes errors messages, instructional guides, promo texts, and notification messages
  3. Identifies opportunities, manages assignments, and work on priorities
  4. Collaborates with other team researchers and UX designer
  5. Incorporates feedback from seniors and stakeholders
  6. Guides junior user experience writers and educate them on cross-functional duties

Preferred Qualifications

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field
  • Good communication and verbal skills, particularly with subject matter experts and users
  • 2-3 years of proven experience as a UX writer
  • Good presentation skills
  • Familiarity with digital technology, human-computer interaction, online products, and UX design
  • Experienced enough to guide, and lead the junior UX writers
  • Knows how the basics of using Figma or Adobe XD

These are some of the qualifications that employers prefer in the hiring of user experience writers.

2. Junior UX Writer

A junior UX writer works under the super of senior working roles and assists them with their day-to-day needs. Here’s the job description of a junior user experience writer:

Job Details

Junior UX writers work in collaboration with product designers and subject matter wizards. They document functionality changes, and new features and update the existing knowledge. Majorly, they assist the experts and compose release notes. Junior UX writers update the information of user manuals and ensure that the product resonates with customers’ needs.

Job Responsibilities

A junior UX writer is responsible for these duties:

  1. Learns about a product; assists the product managers and senior UX writers in a product’s interface messages
  2. Communicate with technical writers about the requirements of a product documentation
  3. Compose human-centered content
  4. Suggest changes in a product design as per the data gathered from how users interact with a digital product
  5. Conducts usability tests and run prototypes
  6. Reviews the suggested edits from senior subject experts

Preferred Qualifications

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field
  • Proven experience of 0-2 years as a UX writer
  • Skills to work in harsh environments
  • Ability to incorporate edits and feedback into the work
  • Skillful with UX design tools
  • Familiar with UX writing rules
  • Good communication and verbal skills, particularly with subject matter experts and users
  • Knows how to collaborate with Figma or Adobe XD

Employers prefer these qualifications for a junior UX writer.

3. Senior UX Writer

A senior UX writer is an experienced role and is responsible for management tasks as well. Senior UX writers lead the junior writers in the content design projects. They play a fundamental role in assessing the user’s needs from their behaviors.

Job Details

A senior UX writer works majorly in collaboration with UX design team members, user researchers, and content strategists. They conduct usability tests and articulate the personality requirements in a UI design. Senior writing roles are responsible to lead the junior team. Furthermore, they ensure productive results via teamwork.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Guide junior UX writers on their work duties, assign them tasks and analyze work reports
  2. Compose cohesive product narratives and enhance brand voice
  3. Advocates for product consumer’s needs and design UX content accordingly
  4. Provide valuable feedback to user research results and advises to incorporate new insights into research work
  5. Manages the junior worker’s team
  6. Enhance business conversions and improve results by quality testing and iterations on digit product’s content

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Minimum of a master’s degree in a relevant field
  2. 5-8 years of proven experience as a UX writer
  3. Efficient at team handling
  4. Great project management skills
  5. Familiar with localization and mapping of content into various languages
  6. Skillful with UX design and writing tools
  7. Efficient project handling and writing skills
  8. Good communication and verbal skills, particularly with subject matter experts and users
  9. Knows how to communicate through and write text in Figma or Adobe XD
  10. Previous experience participating in a Scrum and Agile environment

Enhance your qualifications and skills if you’re looking to apply to a senior UX writing job post.

4. UX Writing Manager

UX writing managers are responsible for the UX team management. Managers conduct external communication with the development team, stakeholders, and SME(s). They interact with junior and senior UX writers, content strategists, and user researchers.

Job Details

A UX writing manager manages the team of UX writers, interacts with SME(s) and stakeholders to inquire about projects and goals. They conduct case studies and detailed reports on the junior and senior writers’ drafted microcopies. In addition to that, they analyze user personas to enhance work productivity.

Job Responsibilities

Here are the most common job responsibilities of a UX writing manager:

  1. Manages and sometimes hires UX writers
  2. Majorly pays attention to promoting UX writing as a function
  3. Conducts career growth sessions
  4. Provides empathic support to junior UX writers
  5. Guides junior writes about the methods to develop a user-centered product
  6. Work along with user researchers, UX design managers to identify project requirements
  7. Inform senior management about business goals
  8. Good communication and verbal skills, particularly with subject matter experts and users
  9. Knows how to manage UX text in Figma or Adobe XD across multiple teams and products
  10. Lots of experience participating in a Scrum and Agile environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Minimum of a master’s degree in the relevant industry
  • 5-8 years of experience as a UX writer preferably a senior UX writer
  • Good mentorship and leadership skills
  • Efficient team handling
  • Skillful with UX writing and design tools
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Prior management role experience
  • Productive with good attention to detail skills

Big organizations prefer UX writing managers with an educational background in business, and English literature writing.

5. UX Research Writer

A UX researcher conducts user research and writes the copy for products accordingly. They systematically research the user data, analyze it, and write copies according to the results.

Job Details

UX research writers conduct qualitative and quantitative research and usability tests. Quantitative research focuses on quantitative data, statistics, and numbers. While, in qualitative research, non-numerical data is the focus. A UX researcher drafts content for the user interface analyzes attitudinal and behavioral research.

Job Responsibilities

  1. UX researcher conducts attitudinal and behavioral research on the user’s attitude while using a product
  2. Drafts microcopies based on the conducted research
  3. Present research results to UX writing seniors and provide valuable insights to improve the interface copies
  4. Communicates the research results with the UX designer to assist the product design process
  5. Conduct user interviews, user research performs A/B testing, and analyze the results of card sorting activities
  6. Writes microcopies according to use questionnaires and surveys, and investigate user flows
  7. Communicate insights with team members for effective working

Preferred Qualifications

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, majorly human studies
  • 1-3 years of proven experience as a researcher
  • Good analysis skills
  • Insightful and creative at data research
  • Familiar with research tools and digital products
  • Good communication and verbal skills, particularly with subject matter experts and users
  • Knows how to input their findings into Figma or Adobe XD
  • Some experience participating in a Scrum and Agile environment

The main roles of a UX research writer are the same as the UX writer, the main difference lies in the research work.

6. UX Writing Specialist

A UX specialist focus to write the content faced by the public. They are responsible for the formatting of content and adjust to make it user-centered. Since they have a specialist’s role, they provide insights on the drafted content to the UX writing community. UX specialists sharpen the content in terms of organizational goals and user requirements.

Job Details

A user experience specialist writer not only just writes digital microcopies for consumers. They also write content to market and brand a product. UX writing specialists are responsible for the development process of a product. In addition to that, they specialize in enhancing the end-to-end journey of a user using a product. The UX specialists work on identifying new features of a product to make it user-focused.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Compose a product’s marketing content and interact with marketing teams
  2. Promote a product from a user-centered perspective
  3. Identify new possible features of a product
  4. Incorporates brand voice into microcopies
  5. Drafts error messages
  6. Enhance visual design through library science techniques

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 4 years of experience, and a master’s degree with a minimum of 2 years of experience
  • Preferably from a professional background as a UX engineer
  • Good at human-computer interaction
  • Good communication and verbal skills, particularly with subject matter experts and users
  • Knows how to collaborate with Figma or Adobe XD
  • Some experience participating in a Scrum and Agile environment

Above, we have provided a trajectory of a UX writing career. Let’s have a look at whether this choice is good for the long run or not.

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Is UX Writing a Good Career Path?

UX writing is a good career choice, indeed. 87% of hiring managers expressed that their top hire priority is from the user experience.

A UX writer on average earns $112k per year according to an estimate from Glassdoor in the USA. While, on a global level, UX writers earn $65k on average per year.

The demand is always increasing as businesses are shifting to spreading their services on digital platforms as well. The higher the use of digital platforms, the more is the need for UX writers.


User experience writing is indeed a good career choice. The demand for writing jobs has lately been increasing with the rise of the invention of digital products in tech companies.

If you are new in the UX field and joined it for a career change, then we recommend you apply for a junior UX writing position. As you gain experience, you can request a promotion for the senior UX writer role, and the manager’s role.

As a fresh graduate, you can gain experience by interacting with a UX writing community and UX researchers.

In the US, the average salary for a user experience writer ranges from $36k to $158k per year according to a salary estimate from Glassdoor.  The senior dedicated UX writers, project managers, and UX professionals lie in the upper range, while the UX researcher and junior UX writer’s role lie in the lower bound.

If you are looking to become a UX writer, read the roles we’ve mentioned. Head towards the article on UX writers’ salaries to get a detailed idea of pay estimates for the mentioned roles.


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