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Best Business Writing Courses for 2024

A business writing course provides a detailed guide on business writing skills that help you write useful and professional business documents. Good business writing induces effective business communication.

With a business writing course, you can not just master the art of professional writing for business documents, but also help you portray your ideas more clearly and effectively in your writing.

In this article, we are going to provide some online business writing courses that you can opt to master business writing skills.

Let’s start.

Best Business Writing Courses for 2024

We are providing a list of well-known organizations that offer some good courses to learn business writing. With these online business writing courses, you can shape written business communications. Go through these courses to see which fits perfectly according to your needs.

1. Technical Writer Certification Course – TechnicalWriterHQ

We offer a detailed online business writing course. Our course instructor is Josh Fechter who is declared a top product influencer in the world by Product School.

Technical Writer Certification Course

The course teaches fundamental skills of technical and business writing, and you can even land your dream technical writer’s job.

In addition to that, the course includes direct feedback from the instructor on the writing assessments. The course includes a detailed guide on creating great documentation, tips to answer questions in a business writing interview, and some tricks to stand out among the other job applicants.

The course students who learn from this course are hired by Amazon and other big tech companies.

With this course, you can learn to create a great documentation layout. Furthermore, you can also learn how to design and structure your sentences. This also provides insights into API writing.

The course carries the below-listed features:

  • Easy access to downloadable templates
  • Direct feedback from the course instructor
  • Miraculous tips to answer some popular technical and business writing interview questions
  • Certificate of completion of the course
  • Free lifetime access to course content including future updates
  • Complete learning in just 1 month (30 minutes per day)

Pricing and Fee

You can enroll in the course for just $299 and get lifetime access to valuable content.

2. Proposal Writing Certification – TechnicalWriterHQ

We offer another online business writing course that focused on proposal writing techniques. The course is again instructed by Josh Fechter, founder of Squibler.

proposal writing certification

With this course, you can learn the fundamental secrets behind writing a winning proposal.

Just like the technical writing course, this course also provides detailed feedback from the instructor on your own writing assessments.

The course provides detailed instructions on methods to write great proposals, methods to format proposals, and some writing tips to get clients.

To be more specific, this course provides a detailed insight into structuring your proposals, method to answering RFP questions, tips to gather reusable content, and instructions to design and structure the sentences.

In addition to that, you can learn some writing tips for effective business writing with subject matter experts.

The course carries below listed features:

  • Easy access to downloadable templates that are used by proposal writers
  • Certificate of completion after finishing the course materials
  • Valuable course learning outcomes for the business writing process
  • Direct feedback from the instructor to review your work progress
  • Lifetime access to course contents and any future updates

Pricing and Fee

You can enroll in the course for just $299 only and get lifetime access to course content along with many other valuable benefits.

3. Business Writing – Coursera

This business writing course from Coursera is offered by the University of Colorado, Boulder.  The course instructor is Dr. Quentin McAndrew.

Business Writing - Coursera

With this online business writing course, you can learn the good writing skills you need to become successful in the business world. In addition to that, this course helps you master the techniques of business writing, and thus you can power your ability to communicate a lot better and launch your ideas.

Dr. Quentin teaches ten principles of business writing. On top of that, you can learn some basic tools to enhance your writing. It also teaches you to drastically improve your writing, and you can learn to organize, structure, and revise your writing to communicate more fruitfully.

The course outcomes are quickly deployable, thus you can start practicing right away what you learn from this course.

This course has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 3717 ratings, and 98% of candidates are satisfied with the course learning outcomes. Apart from that, 122k+ students have enrolled in the course till now.

Apart from teaching good writing skills, this course also polished your graphic designing and presentation skills. This means you can unleash the best out of you to communicate even effectively.

Here are some noticeable features of the course

  • Easily reset the course deadlines according to your flexibility
  • Earn a shareable certificate after course completion
  • Beginner level course
  • Approximately 13 hours of duration
  • Fully remote
  • English language with subtitles available in Arabic, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, and many more

Pricing and Fee

Coursera offers a 7-day free trial which you can consume to learn anything on Coursera for free. After 7 days, there’s a straight fee of $19 per month to continue using your subscription and access the courses.

4. Better Business Writing Skills – Udemy

This business writing course from Udemy teaches the basic writing skills of persuasive writing, along with some valuable tips and tricks of composing great content. Mark Morris is the course instructor.

The course teaching language is English, but subtitles are available in French, German, Indonesian, Italian, and many more.

This bestseller course guarantees to teach the method to use powerful words to change people’s thinking. Furthermore, the course contents are divided into three main sections, planning, writing, and reviewing.

In the first section, you learn how to plan and research before writing. Along with that, you also get instructions to structure your work from the reader’s standpoint.

While, in the next section, you learn the building blocks of business writing. In this part, the instructor provides detailed insight into choosing the right words and putting them to write a winning sentence.

On the other hand, the last section carries the details to edit and shape your words into a piece of writing you can be proud of. After learning this section, you can check whether the contents are understandable and clear or not. You will learn professional proofreading skills from this section.

This course carries an overall rating of 4.6 out of 19k+ ratings. Apart from that, 58k+ students have enrolled in the course till now.

The course carries these features:

  • Accurate subtitles
  • 32-page free book with valuable exercises and some printable resources
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to course contents

Pricing and Fee

The course is available for $84.99 for lifetime access.

5. Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion – Udemy

This business writing course from Udemy is a great opportunity to learn business and technical writing.

Udemy Business Writing

Again, this is a bestseller course. This course provides a detailed insight into the systematic approach for effective business writing.

Furthermore, this course includes 12 steps of learning and almost 60 different techniques of writing. On top of that, for each technique, there are different tutorials and assessments with thought-provoking answers. The advanced techniques include tips and tricks to writing some winning proposals.

Apart from the valuable course contents, the course is perfectly suitable for learners for whom English is a second language or who are non-native speakers.

The course materials include an introduction and overview of course training materials. These are later followed by techniques to analyze your purpose and the target audience. In addition to that, the course contents include tips for writing a purpose statement and methods of gathering the appropriate information. In the last section, you will learn the techniques to edit and revise the content for an enhanced outcome.

The course proceeds in a step-by-step manner, and on each step, you get detailed PDFs and supplementary documents for effective learning. Furthermore, the whole course is covered in 38 videos. Each video is approximately 7 to 10 minutes long.

Course instructors are Starweaver Team and Paul Siegel. The overall ratings are 4.5 out of 3210 ratings. Over 26k+ students have enrolled in the course till now.

The course carries below listed features:

  • Techniques of clear and concise business communication
  • Methods to enhance the readability of your business docs
  • Tips to organize your ideas and thoughts
  • Tricks to draft effective emails
  • Lifetime access to course contents
  • Opportunity to gift the course to a friend or relative
  • 30-days money-back guarantee upon dissatisfaction

Pricing and Fee

The course is accessible for just $49.99 for lifetime access to course contents.

6. Explicit Business Writing with Additional Training – The Business Writing Center

This business writing course teaches in-depth writing skills for a business. The course content guides for learners to improve their communication with good writing skills.

Business Writing Center

The course instructor is Dr. Robert Hogan, who is the director of the Business Writing Center and has served in two different business schools.

The course provides some of the best practices learners can master to write more clearly and effectively. In addition to that, the course provides a detailed insight into writing business documents like letters, reports, and emails.

This course’s content is extracted from the instructor’s book entitled Explicit Business Writing: Best Practices for the Twenty-First Century. Hence, those who enroll also receive a free copy of this book.

In addition to that, the instructor directly evaluates your work and ensures that you perfectly master business writing skills.

Furthermore, the instructor used a structured approach to teach the contents, which makes the writing clear, seamless, easier, and professional.

With this course, you can easily learn to write concise business documents. You can also learn the practices to choose the correct business vocabulary. Apart from all these, you also get a chance to write practice documents. The course’s content is thorough and much detailed. Before enrolling, know that it is an MBA-level writing course.

The course carries these features:

  • Write well-organized and clear business docs
  • Tips to locate the right balance between too little and too much in writing
  • Tricks to avoid errors and mistakes
  • Fully remote learning
  • Certificate upon course completion
  • Free book
  • Direct feedback from the instructor
  • Lifetime access to the course contents

Pricing and Fee

The course is accessible for $595, while a 10% discount on each course is available if you enroll in two or more courses.

7. Tips for Better Business Writing – LinkedIn Learning

This course from LinkedIn provides a detailed insight into advancing your communication skills. The course instructor is Natasha Terk, who is a managing director of Adcom Designs.

Business Writing - LinkedIn Learning

The course content provides tips for writing clear and concise business docs, that assure that the diverse audiences correctly understand the message you want to convey.

The tips are broad and vary for each business type. Thus, whether it is a letter, a memo, or an email, the course contains detailed insights and provides valuable tips and tricks.

In addition to that, the tips are actionable and impactful enough to enhance the quality of writing.

Furthermore, the instructor provides thoughtful methods to writing an effective message, and ways to format it depending on the messaging type and tone. Along with that, you will also learn to choose the right words for business communications.

In the end, the instructor Natasha guides the methods to reduce and even eliminate your writing mistakes.

The course carries these features:

  • Shareable course certificate
  • Downloadable certificate
  • Easy access on mobiles and tablets
  • Beginner level course
  • Valuable content to master business writing
  • Tips for clear and concise sentences and phrases

Pricing and Fee

The course is accessible for less than $20, while you can enjoy the course for free with your one-month free LinkedIn trial.

These are some of the most valuable online courses we have listed above for your needs. Go through each of these courses in detail before making a final selection.

Our Recommendation

We recommend you enroll in the Technical Writing Certification Course from Technical Writer HQ to master your business writing skills.

The course is very detailed and thorough, but it requires only 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. The course contents are broad, as it includes instructions from planning and writing the content to tips to rocking your business writing interview.

Furthermore, you will master Foster Learning and development. Other than that, you will learn which tools are right to draft business documentation, and how you can edit the content in the best way. Not just these, but you will learn communication skills, and methods to work alongside product managers, engineers, and designers.

This course also provides instructions for managing a knowledge base which is very crucial in the business world.


No matter how skillful you are, there’s still much more to learn about business writing. A business writing course helps you nourish your business writing skills for effective communications.

There are thousands of courses out there on the web, and it might have become almost hard for you to decide the best one for you.

It is daunting to go through each course, check the reviews, and make a final choice.

For this purpose, our experts have composed this article after very thorough research on the most valuable courses to master business writing. We have kept the course ratings and pricing in mind while selecting.

Above we have provided some good business writing courses, that range from a beginner level to an expert level with different pricing range. You can go through the above-mentioned options and choose the best one according to your needs.

If you are new to business writing and are looking to better your skills, we recommend taking our Technical Writing Certification Course, where you will learn the fundamentals of business writing.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder of Technical Writer HQ and Squibler, a writing software. He had his first job in technical writing for a video editing software company in 2014. Since then, he has written several books on software documentation, personal branding, and computer hacking. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.