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9 Best Sites to Hire a Book Writer in 2024

The art of writing is a cherished skill. Whether it’s penning down riveting short stories, romance novel, creating an informative non-fiction work, or detailing a personal memoir, the need for talented book writers never ends. However, not all of us are professional writers with superb writing skills.

That’s where the brilliance of online platforms offering book writing services comes into play, connecting eager authors with gifted book writers. As someone entrenched in the writing world, I’ve scoured the internet to bring you a curated list of the top platforms to find your ideal book writer and explore collaborative book writers’ services.

Best Websites to Hire a Book Writer

Every author has a unique voice, a distinct style, and a story only they can tell. However, translating a book idea into a captivating book isn’t always easy. That’s why hiring a book ghostwriter comes in handy. By partnering with professional book writers, you ensure that your own book gets the deserved eloquence. Think of it as a duet, where you’re the composer, and the book writer is the singer, adding life to your notes.

The online realm brims with platforms offering book writing service. From dedicated writing communities to freelance marketplaces, the options can be overwhelming. To help you out, here’s a rundown of the best sites for finding and hiring book writers.

1. WriterHire

WriterHire is a specialized freelance writing platform that offers exceptional book writing services, setting itself apart with a focus on quality, creativity, and versatility. Catering to a wide spectrum of book writing needs, from fiction and non-fiction to memoirs and self-help guides, WriterHire is the ideal partner for bringing your book ideas to life. The platform prides itself on connecting authors with professional book writers and ghostwriters who are not only adept at storytelling but also excel in capturing the author’s unique voice and style.

Whether you’re at the nascent stage of conceptualizing a book idea or in the midst of fleshing out a complex narrative, WriterHire’s extensive network of writers is equipped to assist. The platform facilitates a collaborative and seamless partnership between the author and the writer, ensuring that the final product resonates with the intended audience while staying true to the author’s vision. With WriterHire, authors gain access to a diverse pool of writing talent, each bringing their distinct flair and expertise to the table, thereby elevating the book to its fullest potential.


  • Specialized in a wide range of book genres, from fiction to memoirs
  • Collaborative platform for a seamless author-writer partnership
  • Diverse network of experienced book writers and ghostwriters
  • Emphasis on maintaining the author’s unique voice and style


Customized pricing model tailored to the specific requirements of each book project, ensuring flexibility and value for authors.

2. Upwork

Recognized as one of the most extensive freelance platforms, Upwork is a fantastic place for finding professional book writing services. Whether you need help with character development, book marketing, or shaping an uplifting self-help guide, Upwork’s vast network is teeming with professional book writers and ghost writers.

Navigating such a vast platform presents both its strengths and challenges. You’re graced with various choices spanning genres, from writing fiction to non-fiction, styles, and price tiers. Yet, finding the perfect professional book writer within this sea can be a formidable task. However, Upwork’s search utilities, in-depth writer portfolios, client feedback, and proficiency tests simplify the process. Furthermore, Upwork’s escrow system provides financial assurance for both parties, embedding trust and openness throughout the project duration. For those seeking a spectrum of writing expertise, ranging from budding co-author to seasoned non-fiction book writers, Upwork remains a primary destination.


  • Comprehensive writer profiles detailing experience and expertise
  • Protected payments with their escrow system
  • Skills tests to verify writers’ proficiency
  • In-platform messaging for seamless communication


The pricing landscape on Upwork is dynamic, hinging on the writer’s experience, project scope, and duration. Book writers may offer hourly rates and project-based fees, giving clients flexibility in their budgeting. Upwork also charges a service fee, so factor this into your budget considerations.

3. Reedsy

Delving deep into the publishing process, Reedsy stands out as a specialized platform adept at connecting clients not only with professional writers and ghost writers but also with editors, designers, and marketing experts. If you’re conjuring up a science fiction novel and thinking of self-publishing, Reedsy’s selected group of expert book writers for fiction and non-fiction books, is ready to assist.

Reedsy’s prowess is underscored by its acute focus on the publishing sector, ensuring every book writer grasps the subtle nuances of birthing a successful book. Reedsy is armed with an arsenal of tools and resources, spanning informative articles to intricate courses tailored to guide both novices and veteran book writers. A hallmark of Reedsy’s offerings is its unwavering dedication to quality. Every enlisted professional, from fiction writers to ghost writer experts, undergoes a stringent vetting process. Thus, casting a glance at Reedsy is a great place for those pursuing unparalleled excellence in their book endeavors.


  • A comprehensive marketplace tailored for the publishing industry
  • Educational resources, including articles, webinars, and courses
  • Rigorous vetting of professionals to ensure top-tier quality
  • Collaboration tools designed for seamless project management


While Reedsy doesn’t have a standard pricing table, experienced book writers set their rates based on their experience and the project’s complexity. It’s recommended to reach out to multiple professionals for quotes and to negotiate a rate that aligns with both quality expectations and budget constraints.

4. Guru

A renowned name in the world of freelancing, Guru offers a diverse space where those looking to hire can find professionals from different fields, including book writing service. Guru acts as a lighthouse for clients looking to hire book writers who can help with book and ebook writing, such as young adult fiction, creative writing, science fiction, and even technical writing.

One of Guru’s strengths is its WorkRoom feature which lets you manage your job seamlessly. This platform also promotes transparency with its past work reviews and ratings. Yet, due to the vastness of its user base, finding the perfect match for your book might require sifting through many proposals. But worry not; with its robust search filters and detailed profiles showcasing writing samples, you can narrow down candidates. Guru is particularly beneficial for those looking to keep everything—from project creation to payment—under one roof.


  • WorkRoom for streamlined project management
  • Detailed profiles with past work, reviews, and ratings
  • SafePay ensures your funds are secure until you’re satisfied with the work
  • A diverse range of writers with varying expertise and pricing


Guru offers flexibility in pricing. Writers can be hired hourly, for a task-based fee, or even for a recurring payment. Discuss the scope and specifics of your project with potential book writers to get an accurate quote. Additionally, keep an eye on the platform’s fees added on top of your payment to the writer.

5. Freelancer

Stepping into the arena as one of the giants in the freelancing world, Freelancer is a vast marketplace connecting employers and freelancers across many disciplines, including book editing services and book writing. Whether you aim to pen down short children’s books or just look for someone to help with the right words, Freelancer sports a great number of writers for hire.

A hallmark feature of Freelancer is its contest mode, allowing you to see multiple entries before deciding on the best fit. However, a potential drawback for some could be the competition-driven approach which might not suit those seeking a more personal touch. Still, for those aiming to cast a wide net and relish many options, Freelancer is an invaluable resource.


  • Contest mode for crowd-sourcing content or samples
  • In-depth user profiles with ratings, reviews, and work samples
  • Milestone payment system to ensure project progress aligns with payments
  • Efficient communication tools for seamless interactions


On Freelancer, the pricing structures are diverse, catering to various project scales and budgets. You can hire writers at an hourly rate, a fixed project fee, or even negotiate custom offers. While the platform itself doesn’t impose a fee for posting a project, be aware of service fees that get deducted when making payments to your chosen writer.

6. The Writing Summit

Delving deep into the art of storytelling, The Writing Summit is a platform crafted for those who cherish narratives and compelling tales. Dedicated to the intricacies of writing, it bridges the gap between authors and proficient book writers, helping transform nascent ideas into captivating manuscripts. With a community of writers passionate about various genres, The Writing Summit ensures that each author’s vision goes one step closer to becoming a bestselling book.

While The Writing Summit is a treasure trove of writing talent, it may cater more to those with a penchant for in-depth storytelling rather than technical or purely informative works. The platform emphasizes the craft, the structure, and the flow of writing, which might differ from mainstream freelance platforms. However, for those who value intricacies and nuances in their writing and want their books to resonate with the target audience, this platform is the best.


  • A curated community of passionate book writers
  • In-depth writer profiles with genre specializations
  • Collaboration tools to ensure smooth communication between author and writer
  • Workshops and webinars for continued learning and writing development


The Writing Summit operates on a project-based pricing model, ensuring authors get a clear estimate right from the outset. It’s advisable to directly connect with the writers or the platform’s support team for detailed pricing structures tailored to individual project needs.

7. Scribophile

At the heart of every great book lies a passionate community, and Scribophile epitomizes this ethos. More than a hiring platform, Scribophile is a community where writers critique, collaborate, and improve upon each other’s work. For clients aiming to hire a book writer, this platform presents an opportunity to not only find book writers but also to see their interactive feedback and engagement within the community.

While the strength of Scribophile lies in its close-knit community and feedback-driven approach, it may pose a learning curve for newcomers who are used to more traditional hiring platforms. Delving into the rich tapestry of Scribophile requires an appreciation for collaborative improvement and an understanding of its critique-based model. However, for those keen on obtaining a writer who’s been actively sharpened by peer feedback, Scribophile is an invaluable resource.


  • An active community of writers offering criticism and feedback
  • Dedicated sections for collaboration and hiring
  • Regular writing contests to stimulate creativity and challenge members
  • Informative resources and articles on improving writing skills


Scribophile operates on a freemium model, offering free accounts and premium memberships with enhanced features. For hiring book writing services, specific costs can vary based on the writer’s experience and project requirements. Engaging directly with potential writers or using the platform’s job posting feature is recommended to get a clear understanding of pricing structures.

8. WriterAccess

A hub for content specialists, WriterAccess offers a space where businesses and individuals can connect with expert writers spanning various specialties. Particularly for those looking to write books, WriterAccess presents a dedicated section brimming with writers experienced in long-form content, from writing a children’s book to a business book.

While WriterAccess offers a user-friendly interface and an extensive database of writers, potential clients should be prepared to sift through numerous profiles to identify the best fit. The platform’s built-in AI-powered matching system does alleviate some of this legwork, but ensuring the writer’s style and expertise align with your vision remains pivotal. WriterAccess is a testament to the fusion of technology and talent, offering a streamlined process to hire book writers of top-tier quality.


  • Proprietary AI-powered writer matching
  • Direct communication tools for transparent collaborations
  • Range of professionals from writers, and editors to content strategists
  • Detailed writer profiles, complete with ratings, samples, and certifications


The writer’s tier and experience determine pricing at WriterAccess. The platform categorizes writers into six levels, each with its respective pricing, starting from 2 cents per word to 2 dollars per word or more. Discussing project specifics directly with writers or leveraging the platform’s in-built estimation tools to gauge potential costs is recommended.

9. Scripted

Delving into content creation, Scripted is a premier marketplace where businesses and individuals can locate top-tier writing talent for their projects.

The platform’s rigorous vetting process ensures that only the crème de la crème of writers get onboarded. This, while ensuring quality, can also mean a slightly higher price tag for their services. Nonetheless, the peace of mind, knowing that your book project is in the hands of a seasoned professional, often justifies the premium. For those prioritizing quality and seeking a hassle-free experience in hiring a book writer, Scripted undoubtedly makes its mark as a top contender.


  • Comprehensive writer vetting, ensuring high-quality writing
  • Specialized writer categories, aiding in precise matching
  • Direct communication tools for feedback and collaboration
  • In-platform project management tools for tracking progress


The pricing on Scripted varies based on the writer’s experience and the intricacy of the task at hand. While they have predefined packages for standard content needs, long-form projects like books necessitate a customized quote. Engaging directly with potential writers or the Scripted support team would offer clearer insights into the budgetary requisites of your project.

How to Choose the Best Website to Hire a Book Writer

Navigating the vast digital realm and searching for the perfect platform to hire a book writer can be daunting. From personal experience, I understand the nuances and challenges tied to this endeavor. When I founded Squibler, it was birthed from recognizing gaps in the writing software landscape. As a writer, I felt the pressing need for tools to aid writers in their creative journey.

Each platform has distinctive strengths, and the optimal choice hinges on your unique requirements. Whether you prioritize a broad talent pool, rigorous writer vetting, budget flexibility, or niche expertise, it’s pivotal to delineate your priorities. Reflect on your book’s genre, the desired research depth, the narrative’s intricacy, and your budgetary constraints. A platform perfect for penning a tech manual might differ from one adept at crafting a poignant memoir.

In my journey with Squibler, I’ve been fortunate to engage with thousands of writers, absorbing their feedback and understanding their pain points. If you need help with book writing, Squibler is excellent writing software that uses AI and other tools to make your writing effortless and have your book written even faster with no expense on the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about hiring a book writer.

How do I ensure the writer I hire aligns with my vision for book writing services?

When opting for professional book writing services, it’s essential to articulate your book’s objective, tone, and scope. Before finalizing a book writer, request writing samples or even a short trial project to understand their writing style and proficiency in book writing.

What if I’m unsatisfied with the content delivered by book writers?

Most platforms dedicated to book writers and book writing services have a review system, allowing multiple iterations until you’re satisfied with the writing process. Always set clear expectations from the start to reduce extensive revisions.

Is it better to hire from niche platforms or general freelance websites when I’m writing fiction or non-fiction?

Your choice hinges on the specifics of your project. For instance, if you’re writing fiction, some niche platforms might cater better to this genre, providing specialized talent. On the other hand, general sites may present a more extensive talent pool but necessitate thorough vetting to find writers experienced in book writing.

How do I navigate payments and contracts when hiring online for book writing services?

Always use the platform’s secure built-in payment system. For contracts, especially in book writing, these platforms usually provide standard agreements. Still, when dealing with extensive book writing projects, consulting a legal professional can be invaluable.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder of Technical Writer HQ and Squibler, a writing software. He had his first job in technical writing for a video editing software company in 2014. Since then, he has written several books on software documentation, personal branding, and computer hacking. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.