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12 Best Sites to Hire a Memoir Writer in 2024

Everyone has a story to tell. Sharing your life’s journey, the challenges faced, the triumphs enjoyed, and the lessons learned. Memoirs provide an avenue for individuals to chronicle their life experiences, offering invaluable insights to readers. Yet, the memoir writing process is challenging. Not everyone feels adept at putting their life story into words. Thankfully, this is where memoir writers come in – professionals who specialize in translating real-life stories into compelling narratives.

Best Sites to Hire a Memoir Writer

Hiring a memoir writer, particularly a memoir ghostwriter, is like entrusting someone with the tapestry of your life. It’s about collaboration, working together to craft your personal memoirs while staying true to your voice. Many opt for memoir ghostwriters because they bring the artistry and structure that the memoir writing process demands.

1. WriterHire

WriterHire stands out as a specialized platform for hiring experienced writers, including memoir writers and ghostwriters. It caters to individuals seeking to transform their life stories into compelling memoirs. The platform connects clients with professional writers who are adept at capturing personal narratives, ensuring that each memoir remains authentic to the author’s voice and experiences. Whether it’s a journey of triumph, a tale of adversity, or a reflection on life’s milestones, WriterHire’s memoir writers are skilled in crafting narratives that are both engaging and emotionally resonant.

At WriterHire, clients can find memoir writers with diverse backgrounds and writing styles, making it easy to find a perfect match for their unique story. The platform emphasizes a collaborative approach, allowing clients to work closely with writers to ensure that every aspect of their story is captured accurately and effectively. With a user-friendly interface, WriterHire facilitates smooth communication and project management, ensuring a seamless memoir-writing process from start to finish.


  • Specialized writers, including ghostwriting services
  • Access to a diverse pool of skilled memoir writers
  • Collaborative platform for effective communication and project management
  • Emphasis on authenticity and emotional resonance in memoir writing


Customized pricing model based on the specific requirements of each memoir project, offering competitive rates for high-quality writing services.

2. Upwork

Upwork is an expansive freelance platform renowned for memoir writing services and its wide offerings. It stands out for its versatility, hosting memoir writers who specialize in writing memoirs, ranging from novices to seasoned professionals. Clients can delve into a vast pool of talent, which enables them to find a writer who aligns with their vision and can conduct personal interviews to dive deep into the nuances of their life story.

However, the platform’s sheer size, while beneficial for crafting and fine-tuning memoirs, can sometimes be a downside. The intimate nature of memoir writing might make sifting through a plethora of profiles overwhelming for some, especially when focusing on such a personalized genre of writing.


  • A wide array of writers with different levels of expertise and rates
  • User-friendly interface with filtering options


Prices on Upwork vary based on a writer’s experience and expertise, and the platform charges a service fee for payments.

3. Reedsy

Reedsy is custom-designed for authors, catering to those looking for experts in memoir ghostwriting. It takes pride in connecting authors with industry professionals, including seasoned memoir ghostwriters adept at capturing personal stories’ essence. The platform’s key highlight is its roster of vetted professionals, ensuring not just any freelance writer makes the cut but those who adhere to traditional publishing standards, assuring clients of quality and expertise.

On the flip side, being a niche platform dedicated to upholding the highest standards in memoir ghostwriting, Reedsy might have a smaller pool of professionals than broader platforms. This could limit the choices for clients, especially those looking for a broader range of styles or experiences.


  • Vetted professionals ensure quality
  • User-friendly platform designed specifically for authors


Reedsy’s rates are set by freelancers, and the platform charges a commission for each completed transaction.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer is a global marketplace teeming with diverse talents, ranging from memoir writers to writing coaches who can guide you through the memoir writing process. Its strength lies in the number of budding and the best memoir ghostwriters from different cultures and backgrounds. This international flavor not only adds a unique touch to the memoir writing services on offer but also presents an opportunity for those considering self-publishing to find the right guidance and expertise.

However, the platform’s vast global reach might also introduce challenges, such as time zone differences, which can complicate scheduling. There might also be potential communication barriers, given the array of languages and cultural nuances present on the platform.


  • Broad international network
  • Competitive bidding for projects


Freelancer charges fees based on the project’s value.

5. Guru

Guru stands out not just as a hub for those writing memoirs but also for its unique WorkRoom feature, a collaborative space designed for clients and memoir ghostwriters to come together. It’s an environment that simplifies sharing information, feedback, and edits, which is indispensable when chronicling real-life stories. The continuous back-and-forth inherent in crafting memoirs becomes much more intuitive and seamless within this space.

On the downside, despite its robust features catering to memoir ghostwriters and those eager to share their stories, its interface might appear less modern than other platforms. This could potentially impact the overall user experience, especially for those accustomed to sleeker designs.


  • Dedicated WorkRoom for collaboration
  • Option for safe pay agreements


Rates vary, and Guru implements a nominal fee on transactions.

6. WriterAccess

WriterAccess prides itself not just on being home to some of the best memoir ghostwriters but also with its specific focus on American writers. This specialization is a considerable advantage for those keen on ensuring their life experiences and stories for future generations are penned with a distinct US flavor. Their rigorous screening process further ensures that the quality of the memoirs crafted is of the highest standard, truly encapsulating the essence of one’s journey.

However, the emphasis on a US-centric writer base while ensuring cultural alignment means there might be less diversity in writing styles and experiences. This limits the range of narratives and tones available to those looking to chronicle their lives.


  • Strict screening
  • US-based writers


Pricing varies based on the writer’s expertise and project requirements. WriterAccess charges a percentage-based fee on transactions.

7. Scripted

Scripted is a sought-after platform for literary agents, professional writers, and writing coaches. With a rigorous selection, only 2% of applicants become approved writers, ensuring that those seeking high-quality memoir writing services are paired with the best in the business. Such meticulous screening ensures that every story is captured with precision, depth, and authenticity.

However, while guaranteeing excellence, this elite approach might translate to higher costs for hiring writers. Clients need to balance having a top-tier professional writer at their disposal and the associated investment.


  • Rigorous vetting
  • Dedicated account management


Given the vetted nature of writers, rates can be higher. Scripted’s fees are embedded in the price quoted by writers.

8. Thumbtack

On Thumbtack, clients post details about their life experiences and the memoir they envision, and in return, memoir writers send tailored quotes. This reverse approach ensures clients receive proposals that truly resonate with the essence of their stories, adding a personalized touch to the entire process.

However, there’s a caveat. Because Thumbtack caters to a vast range of services beyond just writing, diving into the platform to find specialized memoir writers who can do justice to intricate life experiences might require a deeper and more refined search.


  • Clients receive personalized quotes
  • Wide range of services beyond writing


Writers determine their rates. Thumbtack charges writers for sending quotes to potential clients.

9. The Writers For Hire

The Writers For Hire isn’t just another writing firm; it’s a sanctuary where a writer’s work evolves and flourishes. Standing tall with its full-service offerings, they encompass everything from in-depth research to developmental editing and even assisting in publishing short stories or full-length memoirs. This all-in-one model is excellent for those who need end-to-end services, ensuring a cohesive journey from the first word to the final printed page.

However, while being comprehensive, this extensive suite of specialized services might translate to higher costs when compared to platforms offering individual freelance writers. It’s a balance between a holistic approach and budget considerations.


  • Comprehensive services, from research to publishing
  • Experienced team of writers


Given the comprehensive nature of their services, pricing can be premium and varies based on project scope.

10. Ghost Writer, Inc.

With an exclusive focus on ghostwriting, Ghost Writer, Inc. carved a niche in the field of memoir writing. The presence of a diverse team, accompanied by skilled developmental editors and proficient project management, ensures that they can cater to various memoir themes, allowing for a tailored experience.

However, while their specialization is commendable, their exclusive focus on ghostwriting might pose challenges. It could potentially limit the flexibility for clients who wish to be more hands-on and involved in memoir writing from start to finish.


  • Specialized in ghostwriting services
  • Multi-genre writer team


Being specialists, their pricing might lean towards the premium side, determined by project specifics.

11. Story Terrace

Besides memoirs, Story Terrace is a website where you can get autobiographies and personal tales crafted into tangible books. This service is all about turning personal stories into works of art that stand the test of time. By matching clients with writers who best align with their narratives, they ensure that every story is resonant and authentic. This tailored approach is a significant boon for those wanting a writer who genuinely understands and connects with their lived experiences.

However, as with many things of quality and specialization, there’s a consideration to bear. Their deep expertise in turning life’s moments into stories means their services might come at a premium, reflecting the care and craft they bring to each autobiography.


  • Specializes exclusively in memoirs and personal stories
  • Tailored writer matching process


Given their specialized approach, Story Terrace has tiered packages, each offering different levels of depth and length.

12. Ghostwriters Central

Ghostwriters Central has carved its niche as a leading professional ghostwriting service, boasting over a decade of excellence. Their prolonged and seasoned experience is not just a marker of time but a resounding testament to the quality they bring to each project. They don’t just write; they craft narratives, handling an array of genres and weaving each story with utmost care. Among these genres, memoir writing shines as a prominent specialty.

Yet, while their expansive range is a testament to their versatility, it might also present a challenge. The diversity in genres is commendable but might come at the cost of the intimacy that memoir-exclusive platforms naturally offer. The broad spectrum ensures diversity in storytelling but might miss the singular focus on the nuanced art of memoir crafting.


  • Over a decade of industry experience
  • Handles a broad spectrum of genres


Rates are based on project specifics, with an upfront pricing structure on their website.

How to Choose the Best Website to Hire a Memoir Writer

Selecting the right platform to hire a memoir ghostwriter entails thorough research. The person’s life story is invaluable, and entrusting it to another requires confidence in their skills. Begin by conducting personal interviews with potential memoir writers. This preliminary step helps gauge compatibility and offers insight into their approach toward memoir writing services.

Literary agents, seasoned in the memoir writing industry, can be a treasure trove of insights. Their experience can lead you to platforms known for producing quality memoirs. A thorough review of a writer’s past works and client testimonials can further offer a glimpse into their style and the caliber of their memoir writing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about hiring memoir writers.

Why hire a memoir writer?

Hiring a professional writer ensures your life story is articulated compellingly and structured, giving justice to your experiences.

What is the role of a memoir ghostwriter?

A memoir ghostwriter collaborates with you, conducts personal interviews, and crafts your narrative, all while you retain the authorship.

How long does the memoir writing process typically take?

The duration varies based on the memoir’s length, the writer’s pace, and the depth of the person’s life story. Typically, it can span a few months to over a year.

Are memoirs only for celebrities or public figures?

Absolutely not! Every person’s life story is unique and holds value. Memoirs offer insights, lessons, and a personal connection that many readers cherish.

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