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12 Best Sites to Hire Business Plan Writer in 2024

In today’s dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, a well-crafted business plan is the cornerstone of a successful venture. This strategic blueprint not only provides direction but also attracts investors and partners. While many entrepreneurs opt to write their business plans, hiring a professional adds a layer of polish and expertise, elevating the document’s quality. If you’re searching for the best platforms to hire business plan writers, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve sifted through the myriad options to bring you the cream of the crop.

Best Sites to Hire a Business Plan Writer

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of meticulous planning and informed decision-making. Hiring a business plan writer is no different. It’s about entrusting a professional to translate your vision, business strategy, and market research into a compelling and actionable document. But where do you find such a specialist? The good news is that several reliable platforms are brimming with talented business plan writers ready to assist you.

1. WriterHire

WriterHire emerges as a valuable platform for entrepreneurs seeking expert business plan writers. This platform specializes in connecting clients with professionals who possess a deep understanding of business strategy, market research, and financial modeling. Whether it’s for a startup idea, an expansion plan, or a funding pitch, WriterHire offers access to writers who can translate your business objectives into a well-structured and persuasive business plan.

The platform is ideal for those looking for writers who are not just proficient in drafting business documents but also have the acumen to understand and articulate complex business concepts. WriterHire’s business plan writers are equipped to handle a range of industries, ensuring that your plan is not only compelling but also tailored to your specific market and audience. The platform streamlines the process of finding the right writer for your project, with an emphasis on quality, expertise, and alignment with your business vision.


  • Specialized in crafting detailed business plans across various industries
  • Access to skilled writers with expertise in business strategy and market analysis
  • User-friendly platform for efficient communication and project management
  • Rigorous selection process to ensure high-quality writing and business insight


Customized pricing model based on the specific needs of the business plan, offering competitive rates for comprehensive and professional writing services.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing behemoth, providing a dedicated business plan writing service that bridges business owners and proficient writers. This platform boasts an expansive pool of professional business plan writers, many of whom come with backgrounds in business administration, ensuring they are equipped to craft a solid business plan tailored to your unique needs. Upwork lets you view writers’ profiles, read reviews, delve into their business administration experiences, and assess their portfolios. Additionally, Upwork facilitates secure payments, making the entire process of acquiring a business plan as smooth as possible. The platform also prioritizes clear communication between clients and freelancers.

However, the platform’s strength, its massive user base, can also be a challenge. With so many professionals offering their business plan writing services expertise, finding the perfect match can sometimes be overwhelming. Prospective clients should also note that there’s a service fee associated with each transaction.


  • Secure payment system
  • Built-in communication tools
  • Advanced search filters


Posting a job is free, but there’s a service fee on each transaction.

3. Guru

In the ever-evolving freelance marketplace, Guru is emerging as a fantastic platform for finding business plan writers. It offers a harmonious balance between simplicity and powerful features tailored for entrepreneurs seeking a professional business plan writer. The platform is designed with acute attention to detail, making the hiring process seamless. One of its standout features, the WorkRoom, goes beyond promoting efficient collaboration. It acts as a hub where entrepreneurs can keep track of project progress, including components like the cash flow statement, share files, and ensure their comprehensive vision for the business plan is being meticulously realized. To bolster trust, Guru’s SafePay payment system guarantees security, cultivating a trustworthy environment for clients and freelancers.

However, no platform is devoid of challenges. Despite its prowess, Guru poses a dilemma: with its vast array of skilled freelancers adept at writing business plans, narrowing down the perfect professional business plan writer tailored to your specific needs can be a journey. Moreover, while the WorkRoom feature is undoubtedly a boon for seamless collaboration, newcomers might initially grapple with its interface, suggesting a minor learning curve ahead.


  • WorkRoom for collaboration
  • SafePay payment system
  • Transparent freelancer reviews and ratings


While posting a job on Guru is free, they charge a handling fee for payments to freelancers.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer is a go-to for many entrepreneurs seeking top business plan writers. What sets Freelancer apart is its unique bidding system. This ingenious feature allows entrepreneurs to receive many offers for their business plan writing project, covering aspects from the business model to financial forecasting. This system empowers them to compare and select the writer that aligns most closely with their vision regarding expertise and budget. Taking client satisfaction a notch higher, Freelancer has instituted milestone-based payments, ensuring that funds are released only when specific project stages, such as business model drafting or financial forecasting, are meticulously completed, guaranteeing an extra layer of security for clients.

Yet, every strength can be a double-edged sword. The very bidding system that positions Freelancer as a leader can be its Achilles’ heel for some users. Those new or unfamiliar with the platform might find the influx of bids from top business plan writers a tad daunting, which could render the selection process overwhelming.


  • Competitive bidding system for projects
  • Milestone-based payments
  • Real-time chat for seamless communication


Posting a project on Freelancer is free, but a fee applies when you accept a bid from a freelancer.

5. Toptal

For businesses that won’t settle for anything less than the best, Toptal stands out as the premier platform. Designed to cater to those who demand the best, Toptal specializes in bridging the gap between clients and the top 3% of the world’s freelance business plan writers. Engaging a writer on Toptal ensures more than just a competent hand at the helm; you’re teaming up with a top-tier professional proficient in analysis, crafting the perfect financial model, and devising a business strategy that resonates with potential investors.

However, unparalleled quality is often mirrored in the price. Toptal, in its quest to deliver the elite, does come with a premium price tag. While the platform is synonymous with ensuring you’re collaborating with the best in the business, their rates can be a notch higher compared to other market players. Furthermore, their commitment to quality, underlined by a rigorous vetting process, means the pool of available business plan writers is selective. This could challenge those with niche requirements or seeking diverse freelance business plan writer options.


  • Highly vetted professionals
  • No-risk trial for clients
  • Custom matching with professionals


Toptal offers a unique pricing model, offering upfront quotes based on project requirements.

6. Fiverr

Fiverr reshaped the freelance market landscape, making hiring business plan writers and others both accessible and diverse. Catering to a broad spectrum, from startups to businesses deeply entrenched in business management, Fiverr’s dynamic model ensures that everyone, regardless of budget constraints, can procure quality business plan writing services. Especially for those aiming to craft an investor-ready business plan without delving deep into their pockets, Fiverr emerges as a viable choice. Bolstered by its direct communication feature, the platform fosters a collaborative space, allowing clients to discuss, iterate, and refine their plans, ensuring an outcome tailored to their business management goals.

However, the very diversity that Fiverr champions can also present challenges. While alluring, the vast range of price points implies a spectrum of service quality. Undoubtedly, Fiverr houses numerous top-tier business plan writers, and professionals who can draft an investor-ready business plan with finesse. Yet, the risk of encountering less seasoned writers lingers. Prospective clients must tread cautiously, dedicating time to review profiles, analyze past work, and gauge client feedback before finalizing their choice.


  • Wide range of price points
  • Direct communication with freelancers
  • Customizable service packages


While browsing is free, the pricing varies depending on the freelancer’s rates, starting as low as $5.

7. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour emerges as a harmonious fusion of flexibility and professionalism, uniquely positioned to cater to diverse business consulting and venture capital needs. Whether it’s a one-off business plan project or a prolonged consultancy initiative, this platform offers a reservoir of expert business plan writers ready to bring visions to life. Bolstered by in-built project management tools, clients can experience seamless tracking, collaboration, and fine-tuning of their business strategies. Further instilling confidence, PeoplePerHour’s escrow payment system is a testament to the platform’s commitment to financial security for everyone involved.

Yet, no platform is devoid of challenges. While PeoplePerHour brings many strengths to the table, some users opine that its user interface doesn’t quite match the intuitiveness some competitors offer. Furthermore, the service fees, though competitive at a glance, have the potential to accumulate, especially for expansive projects or sustained collaborations. This underscores the need for businesses, especially those in the business consulting and venture capital sectors, to meticulously review their overall budget and ensure alignment with their objectives.


  • In-built project management tools
  • Escrow payment system
  • Hourly and project-based pricing available


Posting a job is free, with a service fee added to the freelancer’s charges upon project completion.

8. Bplans

At the heart of business planning is Bplans carves a unique niche by functioning as both a rich resource hub and a conduit to some of the best business plan writers in the industry. It beckons to budding entrepreneurs and existing businesses with its sample business plans, cutting-edge tools, and insightful articles. These invaluable resources are instrumental in honing business strategies and ensuring they resonate with market dynamics and realities. To complement these assets, Bplans also facilitates direct connections to business plan consultants, guaranteeing that an enterprise’s vision is articulated with unmatched professionalism.

However, the multi-dimensional nature of Bplans, with its emphasis on educational resources and writer connections, could be a double-edged sword for some users. Those searching for a more linear and straightforward hiring experience might find the platform’s richness slightly daunting. While valuable for strategic planning, it might come off as overwhelming for some, especially those new to the existing business landscape. Moreover, Bplans, being more of a gateway to business insights and less of a traditional hiring portal, may not boast as expansive a roster of writers as dedicated platforms do.


  • Access to sample business plans
  • Tools for market research and financial projections
  • Direct links to business plan consultants


Accessing resources is free, but prices for hiring a business plan writer vary based on expertise.

9. Wise Business Plans

For those seeking specialized attention, Wise Business Plans emerges as a formidable choice. Dedicating its expertise to the intricate business planning process, it crafts an experience meticulously tailored for those pursuing comprehensive, investor-ready plans. Boasting a team of U.S.-based MBA-qualified writers, Wise Business Plans emphasizes exhaustive market research, precise financial projections, and a bespoke approach attuned to the distinct needs of every business.

Yet, this specialization and expertise aren’t devoid of challenges. The associated cost can be a concern for some. Given the in-depth research and high level of customization they guarantee, their pricing model might not sit well with those working within constricted budgets. Additionally, while their razor-sharp focus on business plans unquestionably ensures mastery in that domain, it could also signify restricted flexibility for clients whose needs meander beyond the conventional contours of business planning.


  • US-based MBA-qualified writers
  • Custom business plans with an executive summary
  • Emphasis on market research and financial analysis


The pricing structure is custom, depending on the depth and complexity of the business plan.

10. Bargain Business Plan

A testament to quality not always demanding a premium, Bargain Business Plan Drawing upon a cadre of skilled business plan writers, they pivot on affordability, ensuring that nascent ventures are founded upon well-researched and investor-ready plans. Their ethos revolves around the idea that every startup, regardless of its budget, should have access to professional business planning services that lay a solid foundation for their venture.

However, the allure of a “bargain” might instill a sense of skepticism in some potential users, casting a shadow of doubt on the caliber of service offered. Even though they boast a dedicated team and a slew of commendable reviews, it’s paramount for prospects to fathom that their competitive pricing could occasionally translate to a lengthier turnaround time or curtailed attention to revisions, especially when juxtaposed with more premium-priced alternatives.


  • Dedicated project manager for each client
  • Emphasis on financial modeling and market analysis
  • Non-disclosure agreement for client peace of mind


Though they focus on affordability, the pricing is custom-tailored to the specifics of each business plan.

11. The Plan Writers

Embodying the essence of professionalism, The Plan Writers stand out as a boutique agency in the realm of business plan writing service. They pride themselves as business plan writers and genuine partners guiding dreams into structured, actionable blueprints. Their overarching goal transcends merely writing; they craft business plans that are formidable tools to pursue funding. Entities steering towards acquiring investors, they evolve as indispensable allies, marrying adept business planning with the nuances of investment attraction.

However, the boutique dimension of their offerings presents certain intricacies. Their stringent adherence to selectivity and unwavering focus on pristine quality might occasionally culminate in limited accessibility, particularly during heightened demand. Furthermore, potential patrons might perceive their pricing as leaning towards the premium spectrum, attributable to the unparalleled, personalized attention.


  • Comprehensive market research and analysis
  • Investor-ready business plans
  • Financial projections with a detailed financial plan


Prices vary based on the complexity of the business plan and the required research.

12. Go Business Plans

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to business planning, Go Business Plans might be your ideal destination. They go beyond mere writing, offering consultation services to help entrepreneurs form a well-rounded business strategy. With their team’s expertise, they craft plans that consider every facet of a business, from market research to financial projections.

However, their comprehensive approach might not suit everyone. Entrepreneurs seeking a written business plan without the added consultation might find the platform more than they need. Additionally, the depth and breadth of their services can come at a premium, stretching beyond some budgets.


  • One-on-one business plan consultant sessions
  • Emphasis on market research and financial projections
  • Custom business plans tailored to client needs


Pricing is based on the depth of consultation and business plan requirements.

How to Choose the Best Website to Hire a Business Plan Writer

Hiring a business plan writer requires more than just a quick Google search. It’s essential to consider factors like the writer’s experience, understanding of market analysis, financial modeling capabilities, and rates. Always ask for samples and ensure that their style aligns with your vision.

Remember to prioritize a writer or service that can deliver a custom business plan tailored to your needs, complete with an executive summary, detailed market research, and financial projections. It might also be worth considering a business plan consultant who can write and provide invaluable insights into your business strategy.


You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about hiring a business plan writer here.

Why should I hire a business plan writer instead of doing it myself?

Hiring a professional ensures your business plan is well-structured, with expert market analysis and financial projections. Their experience can add credibility to the document.

What is the average cost of hiring a business plan writer?

The cost can vary widely based on the complexity of the business plan, the writer’s experience, and the platform you use. It could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Can I trust online platforms with sensitive business information?

Most reputable platforms have stringent confidentiality and data protection policies. However, always read the terms of service and consider signing a non-disclosure agreement with the writer.

What’s the difference between a business plan writer and a business plan consultant?

A business plan writer focuses on creating the document based on the information you provide. A consultant, on the other hand, offers insights, suggestions, and may even assist in areas like market research or financial modeling.

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