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Best Proposal Writing Services in 2024

As a seasoned content writer, I’ve journeyed alongside numerous business ventures and federal contractors, gleaning insights from the complexities of proposal writing. The gateway to securing coveted government contracts or sealing an influential business deal lies in a well-crafted proposal and the meticulous project management behind it. Today, in a world interwoven with digital services, harnessing the prowess of a dedicated proposal team is prudent. These specialists, often experienced in project management, are dedicated to drafting compelling proposals tailored for federal contractors and various business domains. Let me guide you through some of the standout proposal writing services.

Best Proposal Writing Services

Entrusting your business proposal to a specialized service is akin to handing over the reins of your company’s future trajectory to seasoned navigators. These services delve deeper than transcription; they refine, structure, and resonate your ideas with unparalleled finesse.

When you engage a proposal writing team, you’re not just purchasing a service but investing in years of honed expertise, imbibing industry-specific wisdom, and guaranteeing that your proposal is sculpted following esteemed standards. Especially when charting competitive terrains like government contracts, such investment often becomes indispensable.


WriterHire emerges as a top choice for businesses and individuals seeking professional proposal writing services. Specializing in creating custom proposals, WriterHire connects clients with experienced writers who are adept at understanding and articulating complex ideas. Whether it’s a business proposal, a research proposal, or a grant application, WriterHire’s team of writers possesses the necessary skills to produce compelling and persuasive content.


  • Access to a network of seasoned proposal writers with expertise in various fields
  • Personalized approach to each proposal, ensuring it aligns with the client’s objectives and requirements
  • Streamlined process for client-writer communication, facilitating a smooth collaboration


WriterHire offers competitive pricing that varies based on the complexity of the proposal and the writer’s expertise. Clients can request quotes to understand the costs involved before proceeding with the service.

The RFP Firm

The RFP Firm excels in proposal writing, tailored for small businesses seeking government contracts. They understand not only the unique challenges smaller businesses face when contesting against larger firms but also the intricate evaluation criteria set by federal agencies. Their hands-on approach ensures that each business proposal stands its ground, resonates effectively, and meets the stringent evaluation criteria.

For startups and smaller enterprises looking to raise capital, this firm’s expertise can be invaluable. However, on the flip side, their small business orientation may limit their capacity to handle the extensive federal proposals often demanded by large corporations.


  • Custom proposal strategies catering to small businesses
  • Workshops and training sessions led by industry experts
  • Detailed crafting of cover letters and executive summaries


Their pricing adopts a tiered system, adjusted based on the project size and the level of involvement needed.

Shipley Associates

Shipley Associates is a stalwart in the business proposal writing and business development arena. With a robust business plan methodology, they have a legacy of aiding businesses in creating compelling proposals, especially targeted at securing government contracts. Shipley’s methodology is renowned for its comprehensive nature, guiding businesses from early-stage opportunity identification to crafting the right business plan and submitting a proposal for government contracts.

However, given their vast clientele and the breadth of services they offer, some clients feel that while Shipley excels in business proposal writing, their approach can sometimes lack the personalized touch smaller firms might offer.


  • Comprehensive services
  • Opportunity identification and business development guidance
  • Training and workshops tailored for proposal professionals


Shipley Associates adopts a mixed pricing model, factoring in the project’s scale and any supplementary consultancy or training services required.


ProposalHelper presents a unique proposition with its adept proposal writing team at the helm. While their core strength is crafting winning proposals, their suite of services spans a broader gamut of related offerings. The beauty of ProposalHelper lies not just in the expertise of each proposal writer but also in their flexible approach. Clients can opt for end-to-end management, trust the hands of a specialized proposal writer, or select specific areas they need assistance with to create winning proposals.

However, a potential downside to their expansive service range is that, while their proposal writing team is versatile, they might not offer the depth of expertise in highly specialized sectors.


  • Full-fledged proposal development services
  • Tailored strategies for business proposals across sectors
  • Assistance with both federal proposals and private-sector bids


ProposalHelper’s pricing is modular. Clients can choose specific services, and the cumulative costs depend on the complexity and the number of services selected.


Capture2Proposal excels in proposal writing and its early-stage business development services tailored for government contracts. Their team is adept at identifying lucrative opportunities, especially in the challenging realm of government contracts. Using a well-defined response strategy, the subsequent proposal crafting leverages this early intelligence, leading to highly competitive proposals that stand out.

However, the potential limitation of Capture2Proposal lies in the heavy reliance on early-stage development and response strategy. This might not resonate with businesses seeking proposal writing services without the preceding developmental phases.


  • Emphasis on early-stage opportunity identification
  • Comprehensive proposal development leveraging early intelligence
  • Training sessions for internal teams on proposal crafting best practices


Capture2Proposal’s pricing structure is tiered, based on the depth of services required, from opportunity identification to final proposal submission.

24-Hour Company

24-Hour Company stands out, as the name suggests, for its rapid response and quick turnaround times in business proposal writing. Focusing on creating a business plan for securing more government contracts in a short span, their efficiency is their forte. This makes them suitable for firms operating on tight schedules or with last-minute proposal requirements to capture more government contracts.

However, while commendable for quick business proposal writing, their swift approach might sometimes come at the cost of in-depth research or comprehensive refinement that longer durations can afford. This is something firms should consider, especially if their business plan calls for a detailed and deeply researched proposal.


  • Rapid proposal writing services tailored for quick turnarounds
  • Versatility in catering to both government and private sector bids
  • Access to a skilled pool of professionals for urgent projects


Given their specialized quick service, their pricing tends to be premium, but it’s structured based on the complexity and urgency of the project.


Loopio stands out due to its innovative blend of technology with traditional proposal writing. At its core, Loopio is a proposal management platform, but it’s bolstered by a team of writers who can craft or refine proposals using the platform’s insights.

While this tech-driven approach makes proposal development efficient, companies that are not tech-savvy might find the platform’s features a bit overwhelming.


  • Robust proposal management software enhanced with AI insights
  • The in-house team of writers leveraging the platform for proposal development
  • Library of templates and response content to speed up proposal creation


Loopio operates on a subscription-based pricing model for its platform, with additional charges for dedicated writing or refinement services.

APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals)

APMP is not a direct service but rather an association that sets industry standards for proposal management. They offer certifications, resources, and a platform where businesses can find accredited proposal professionals.

While quality assurance and standards are high, businesses might need to go the extra mile to hire individual professionals or teams, which can be a longer process than direct services.


  • Access to a global network of certified professionals
  • Resources, best practices, and industry updates related to proposal writing
  • Workshops, seminars, and certifications to ensure quality and standards


APMP’s primary revenue is membership fees, certifications, and event charges. Hiring professionals from APMP will have varied individual or team-based pricing structures.

The Proposal Centre

The Proposal Centre brings with it an end-to-end solution for all proposal-related needs. They specialize in government business, ensuring their crafted proposals resonate well with government agencies. A significant advantage is their holistic approach, which involves the client at every step, ensuring a personalized touch.

This intense client engagement, however, might not be suitable for businesses seeking a more hands-off approach.


  • Comprehensive proposal development services with a focus on government contracts
  • Workshops and training sessions to equip businesses with proposal crafting skills
  • Deep dives into research to ensure proposals are competitive and relevant


The Proposal Centre’s pricing model is primarily project-based, adjusted according to the depth of services required, ranging from consultancy to full proposal development.

How to Find the Best Proposal Writing Service

Identifying your ideal proposal development service parallels finding the right ally for a pivotal project. Start with the industry niche. If government agencies are your target, zero in on services with a proven track record in government proposals, ensuring they’re adept with the intricacies of such engagements.

Peek into their historical achievements. A consistent success rate, particularly with securing more government contracts, speaks volumes. And remember, your proposal isn’t confined to an executive summary or cover letter; its entirety matters, and a reputable service recognizes this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you can read the most frequently asked questions about proposal writing services.

Why is the executive summary crucial in business proposal writing service?

The executive summary furnishes an overview of your proposal, acting as the initial point of interaction for evaluators. As the prologue that sets the stage, it holds significant sway in influencing the evaluators’ perception, essentially being the foundation of winning proposals.

How pivotal is a cover letter in business proposals?

The cover letter, an essential element of business writing, introduces both your proposal writer team and your company ethos. It’s the prelude that can either pique interest or diminish enthusiasm, giving the first impression of the professionalism and commitment of your business proposal writing service.

Is it feasible to use a uniform template for both government proposal submissions and private sector proposals?

While there might be intersections in content, each domain carries unique requisites and expectations for proposal evaluation. Tailoring your proposal to fit each specific landscape not only amplifies your odds of success but also showcases an understanding and respect for the entity you’re addressing.

How do AI enhancements elevate the role of a proposal writer in crafting proposals?

AI tools, now becoming integral in the sphere of business proposal writing service, offer nuanced content suggestions, rectify discrepancies, and structure content adeptly. This technology-backed assistance ensures your proposal stands out, making it more robust, aligned, and competitive in the eyes of evaluators.

How does a professional proposal writer ensure the creation of competitive proposals?

A seasoned proposal writer, backed by a reputable business proposal writing service, brings a blend of experience, expertise, and understanding of the proposal landscape, whether it’s for local government, federal entities, or the private sector. Their mastery in weaving compelling narratives, coupled with a sharp eye for detail, ensures the production of proposals that resonate with the target audience and stand out in a sea of submissions.

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